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Queston About Siezure Disorder



I received a TBI in March of 1966 was in the hospital two days and had a Grand Mal seizure. I was put through all of the tests available at that time. I was sent to nuero ward in Germany and retested all the same tests and a few more. I was released from hospital with a med. profile that basically said I could do nothing. The tests never `showed a problem, but the seizures continued. I have had headaches and a few other problems since discharge in 1968. Do you think I have a claim?

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If you have never filed a VA claim before, it would be good to get a copy of your SMRs and subsequent private medical records.

Also ask for a copy of your 201 (Personnel file)
NARA on line is where you can request those records.

"was released from hospital with a med. profile that basically said I could do nothing" Could you elaborate? I mean, you did continue Active duty???until 1968?

Was that a Military med board discharge?

Do you have proof that the TBI occurred? Was a concussion documented?

TBI testing in the 1960s is nothing like it is today.

If you have had continuous seizures and treatment for them since service. would your private doc (if you arent a VA PT, be willing to give an opinion that the seizures stem from the TBI that caused the Grand Mal seizure ?

We have info in our IMO forum on that as to how the opinion should be worded.

This post here might help you:

More info is in our TBI forum.

Are there any other disabilities you have that might be service connectable?

Were you in incountry ,Vietnam in the 1960s?

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There is no question the seizures are caused by the brain injury I spent a total of three months in different Army hospitals. They were trying to figure out the cause of the seizures and all the testing was aimed at a brain injury. The profile that I had basically stated that I could not drive carry a weapon wear a gas mask or wear a steel pot. This was a little hard as I was a heavy equip. operator. After all of this I was shipped back to the states to a company that was building for ship to Nam. I trained these people on a lot of diff. machines and I was not shipped with them. Once I got back to the states I went on sick call and spoke to a so called doctor I wanted to get treatment for the seizures and the headaches I was given Darvon and no med for the seizures. I asked this doc if you are not going to give me med for the seizures drop the profile which he would not do.

I was in a car accident and exited through the windshield striking the dashboard on the way out. I had a broken jaw and minor cut to the scalp. The accident happened around mid night and I woke up in a dentist chair around 9:00 am the next morning. They wired my mouth shut and I was put on a ward in the hospital. I ha d my first seizure the second night I was in the hospital. Then all fun began all the tests they could perform were done and six weeks later I was discharged from the hospital after more seizures. Returned to my unit and was shipped to a hospital in Germany for more testing EEG and every test they could come up with. All of this should be documented in my med. records

I was discharged on my regular ets date in 1968 Not a med discharge.

I became a drifter for many years and have avoided doctors as much as I can, have had seizures since discharge, but ride them out on my own.

I am a loner as being around a lot of people make me nervous. I worked as a bodyman for years as it is a profession that allows you to work on your own. This is another reason that I avoided doctors in most states if you have a seizure it is a 6 month suspension of your lic. and I could not afford that.

I have been very lucky as I have never been injured during a seizure. And have never been taken to hospital for one.

I am retired now and have been doing a lot of thinking about this problem and how I was treated by the military after my accident. now I believe it is time for them to step up and help me out

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Berta is on the money bud. Sorry to hear about your health. I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago with Micro Seizures apparently while I sleep, and now I am on Meds. I too down the road I guess will submit a claim. God Bless and keep us posted.

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