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Low Balled Wth!

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Hey you all can someone please explain this to me. I received my infamous brown folder today and reading it just pissed me off. So it states that it was up for special review October 2013 I was awarded new percentage of 100% WITH OVERALL PERCENTAGE OF 100% effective July 2014. Then it goes on to say that YOUR COMPENSATION PAYMENT WILL CONTINUE UNCHANGED. can someone please tell me why my rate of pay hasn't changed as it goes on to state that my disability has kept me from maintaining sufficient work. I have attached some of what they sent me about my claim. Please if you can help explain it would be greatly appreciated.

I was thinking it could be because I have two claims open still for dependency and cubital tunnel with UI.




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If you were not already 100%, then you will get paid at the 100% rate. That is the VA's law not ours, so you have nothing to worry about. Now if we are already 100% for other disabilities combined, and then this 50% was increased to 100%, then you will still get paid at the current 100%. Others can chime in on this one. Good luck

100% PTSD

100% Back

60% Bladder Issues

50% Migraines 
30% Crohn's Disease

30% R Shoulder

20% Radiculopathy, Left lower    10% Radiculopathy, Right lower 
10% L Knee  10% R Knee Surgery 2005&2007
10% Asthma
10% Tinnitus
10% Damage of Cranial Nerve II

10% Scars



OEF/OIF VET     100% VA P&T, Post 911 Caregiver, SSDI



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va is so fixated on denials even when they approve, they sound like theyre denying.. the doubletalk and manupulating of words and sentences is in thier DNA. How hard would it be for them to just say.. YOU GOT A 100 PERCENT .. CONGRATS !!

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Congrats on getting the 100%!

However I don't like that they are stealing your retro pay. When you filed in October 2013 you already had the diagnosis and the service connection. Did you send them any statement from yourself detailing your symptoms that would fit a 100% rating? Did you have any medical documentation from before that detailed any symptoms that would fit a 100% rating?

If so then I feel like they should pay you back date to October 2013.

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I feel the same way Navywife, yes I sent evidence in showing I had worsened but they said they went by what the C&P doctor noted that I was stable for a couple of months then quickly went into a downward spiral quickly. So she said that it has only worsened recently.

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