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Congress Expands Scope Of Vet Care Inquiry


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I sure have been waiting for this !!!!!!!!!!

"Still dissatisfied with the Department of Veterans Affairs response to questions about how many veterans suffered death and injury from delays in medical treatment and diagnoses at VA medical facilities around the country, the House Veterans Affairs Committee has widened the scope of its inquiry."

"On Aug. 4, U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller, the committee chairman, wrote a letter to VA Secretary Robert McDonald demanding to know the results of the VA’s review of 250 million consultations dating back to 1999."

"Miller is seeking the dates of each delayed consultation and resulting death and injury, and the locations where the delays took place. He is also seeking the dates of all notifications to patients that they received harm during their care and the number of veterans who waited more than 60 days for a consultation that identified a health problem, but for whom the VA contends the health problems were not linked to the delay."


(In my opinion this is where the smoking gun lies. I have a small part of the information Miller seeks,and I have FOIAed VA for the rest of it.

In my letter to Chairman Miller ( H VAC) , sent to him on June 27th, 2014,

I stated:

" I believe the true actual numbers of veterans harmed or killed by VA health care itself,will be the only thing that can change the recklessness of the VA, and an utter lack of concern for the lives of the very men and women whose service justifies the existence of the Veterans Administration.."

And I told him where the actual VA malpractice statistics can be found.

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If this actually happens it will be good but it seems that federal agencies in this administration (IRS, HHS, BATF, FBI, DOJ) have no problem ignoring requests from house committees, especially when it will probably make the administration look bad. Hopefully the politicians of both parties will keep in mind that veterans vote and there are a lot veterans in their districts who want the truth to come out.

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What I don't get is why they never ask US - I have been going to VAs across the country for decades and I don't recall ever filling out a survey on care.

If Congress truly cares how we're being treated, why don't they ask US?

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I think they know how veterans would respond on the surveys and they would be afraid the survey results might be leaked to the news media.

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