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Automatic Secondary Condition

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I was reading the VBM and under the topic of DMII I read that arteriosclerosis is such a common secondary condition of DMII that you do not even have to prove any nexus. If you have DMII and arteriosclerosis that is almost automatic SC. I had a CT scan done on my leg due to a bump and they found arteriosclerosis in my calf. I have DMII so I guess I have another claim. Did this trigger a inferred claim? What do you think. I went back in my records to find the CT scan result. What is it with these people that they just ignore these inferred claims and never tell the vet until the vet finds out on their own? I have noticed for a while that my legs are always cold. What the heck should I do about this. Should I go to a vascular surgeon on the outside. My relatives on both sides lost limbs due to this problems but they were much older. The VA has the nerve to charge my insurance and yet they just let this condition pass their scrutiny and don't advise me at all.

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I think that the VA is required to charge secondary Insurance even on Service Connected Conditions at least that is the senario that is beginning to emerge as I read more and more about it. They can't charge my Medicare HMO cause the secondary won't pay out of network.

I know I have a vested interest but it would be much easier if the VA just gave us ChampVA with full rescription benefits and cut the cords. I know I would volunteer if they are looking for Vets who would do it.

Today I have to face the Doc who did nothing to help my Heart Condition and beg her for Meds that my Cardiac Doc says I have to have or I will die. Mrs Dem is very worried that I will say something aweful to her.

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She should feel awful so maybe she will be dying to cooperate seeing as how she committed malpractice. Are you going to ask her how she missed the blockage? Maybe you should get the pills and then just try and get another doctor before you sue this one.

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Today I mailed a formal complaint to the director of the VAMC and sent a copy to the VA OIG about the CNP who missed my heart disease. Told them that I thought she should be terminated.

Director, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System

2215 Fuller Road

Ann Arbor, MI 48105


1.) On January 25th, 2006 I had a C&P Exam conducted by CNP XXXX XXXXXXX. According to the report the exam included exams for Heart, Hypertension, and Genitourinary. The C&P report list nothing abnormal with my heart.

2.) On March 20th, 2006 Nurse XXX XXXXXX from the Urology Clinic ordered a stress test as part of preoperative testing for a kidney stone surgery. That stress test April 6th 2006 was abnormal.

3.) On May 21st, 2006 I got tired of waiting for a follow up with the VA for the abnormal stress test and made an appointment with a private cardiologist.

4.) On June 1st 2006 I under went a Heart Catherization conducted by Dr XXXXX at XXXXX hospital. I had three blockages, one at 100% and two at 80%. Dr XXXXXXX told me I was a walking time bomb.

5.) Had CNP XXXXXXX followed the protocol listed in the Heart Exam Worksheet as listed in the C&P Service Clinicians Guide and ordered Diagnostic and Clinical Tests such as a exercise stress test, or reviewed my medical records including my SMR my heart disease would have been diagnosed earlier than what it was.

6.) I would think termination of employment is warranted for haphazard work like this and placing my life in jeopardy

Copy to: VAOIG

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