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Can Dbq's Filed With Inital Claims ?



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Keep in mind your PTSD diagnosis must be made by a VA psychiatrist or psychologist.

Good luck to you.

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This link explains a lot about the DBQs.


PTSD claims can be complicated. It's good you are doing some research before you submit your claim. Lots of people rush to submit a claim and wonder why it got denied When they didn't follow the proper steps of getting good medical evidence first.

Like Georgiapapa said above you really should try to get a diagnosis of PTSD by VA before you submit your claim. All you need to do is go to VA and say you would like to be evaluated for PTSD. If for some reason they do not diagnose you with PTSD, you can get a diagnosis through a private doctor And submit those medical records with your claim.

There are different rules for PTSD claims for noncombat versus combat.

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KY: As stated above, the only definitive PTSD DX that the VA accepts for Disability Compensation awards, is that made by the C&P Psychiatrist or Psychologist PHD. The PTSD DBQ requested by your VARO Rater is completed by either a VA Staff Clinician or a Contract Clinician. That's not to say if your other treating VA or outside mental health providers have supplied PTSD DBQ's or other medical records, they won't be looked t by the C&P Examiner. However, the last word on weather you have PTSD or some other mental condition is determined by your PTSD C&P DBQ. The VA rater compares what the C&P Clinician answers on the DBQ and comes up with your SC Per 38 CFR 4. When I had Mine back in 2010, at the end I asked the VA Staff Psychiatrist if he thought I had PTSD, all he said was yes. I didn't know what a PTSD DBQ was until much later. While waiting for the rating, started researching 38 CFR 4. The Dr saying I had it, I thought I'd get 30SC for sure, maybe outside chance of a 50%. Came in at 70%, shows what I know.

DBQ's for any claim can be filed at any time, including all the way up to the end of the VA BVA 90 day new and material evidence cut off.

As to filing a claim for PTSD, I have to disagree about waiting till you get a VA or outside DR's DX. Time is money! At the very least, go on-line to Your EBen site and start a PTSD Comp claim to establish your file date for retro purposes. Once you start the ON-line claim you have 364 days to complete it. Personal experience again. I saw an outside PTSD Therapist back in 2007 @ $50.00 per hr. He told me that at the end of therapy, 12 to16 months he'd be able to give me a DX that would fly with VA. I bowed out in 3 months, didn't seem he was doing me any good. Fast forward to 02/2010, I had been seeing a VA PA in VA Sleep Department for approximately 5 months, treating my SA. One day he says to me, after brief discussion as to why I wasn't rated for PTSD, go to your Primary Care Dr and tell them he said I had sever PTSD and needed treatment and then for me to file a Comp claim. I was in a PTSD group therapy within a week and had a C&P within 3 months and rated in 2 months. Had he not pushed me, who knows when or if I would have filed?

Get Your Claim Started Today on E-Bennies!

Semper Fi


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Thanks Navywife and Gastone for the information.

I have been dx by a licensed board psychiatrist.

My thoughts were to file a FDC claim and hopefully speed the process up. I understand that I still have to

be dx by a VA psychiatrist but I had thought if I brought/submitted the DBQ and a Nexus letter too it

would be helpful.

Should I bring the DBQ/Nexus letter to the C & P for them to review?

I am just so confused by the proper steps to take. The VSO I am talking to said I shouldn't submit the DBQ but I

couldn't understand why you wouldn't submit it also.

Thanks for all of the advice.

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