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Nexus Statement

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I just wanna offer some advice in securing a nexus statement.

A gym member finally went to a orthopedic specialist (elbow) and he was pleasantly surprised the doctor was willing to help.

Here was the advise he gave:

1. Be honest with physician about intentions. Don't play with the situation.

2. Let the specialized physician know you are seeking a opinion if the current condition is related to your active duty service.

3. Have your military medical records or at least all of the military records which pertain to the current condition.

Very important in the specialist opinionating a response.

Also, it is important to see if there was follow up work (x-ray, mri, ct scan, etc) or if the veteran was offered physical therapy.

He also wanted to see if notes documented how long veteran had symptoms before visiting sick call.

4. Have all medical documentation related to current condition since leaving active duty.

Doctor wanted to know all previous visits/treatment for disability issue since leaving active duty.

Current MRI, X-ray, etc.........

5. Tell doctor to use specific language "more than likely" that active duty and current condition are interrelated.

The veteran says he got a favorable office report. (MAIN PART OF OFFICE NOTE SUMMARY) After my examination of Rodney XXXXXX, the veterans military injury more than likely attributed to a current partially torn elbow ligament.

He was elated. He never expected the doctor to being open to helping; however he attributed the openness to him being honest why he was visiting and having all related medical documents related to his compensation claim (elbow).


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SOunds great. Im glad you had a favorable outcome. THose of you that go this route make sure that the medical practitioner is a specialist in their area, if you can get one, rather than a GP too.

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