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Is It Worth Pursuing Or Not?

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Got awarded 100% back in December of last year. I spoke with a Dav Nso in regards to other problems that I diagnosed with after the initial claim was submitted. He told me since I am already at 100% it wouldn't matter to add anything else because it could lead to possible reduction. All of my disabilities are service connected including the other conditions I got diagnosed with last year.

The disabilities I am looking to add are residuals from traumatic brain injury, sleep apnea, dry eye sydrome, reoccuring cyst and right and left patellofemoral syndrome. I have been reading different threads and post and may qualify for smc or aid and attendance if these items get claimed and added for compensation.

Thanks for any advice and info in advance.

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I would file a claim for them, I don't see how it would cause a reduction in your current 100%rating, did you have all these problems before your initial claim?

if so they should have rated them also.

And yes you can get SMC if they add up to 60% or dependents on the severity of the disability's...if nothing else you need to get them SC at least if there not/if you do Theresa better chance on getting a rating.


Some times veterans don't received good Advice from the vso's

others may chime in!



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Thanks! I got out of the service in January of last year and I had a claim in February. I got part of my claim back in October with a few of the issues mentioned above deferred. Since the Vso said it wasn't worth it to pursue I left things alone. Once I heard and researched smc I realize I may be entitled to additional compensation. The diagnoses for the deferred items came back after the initial return was received by me. I will file FDC's for those items and see what happens.

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