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Veterans Choice Medical Facility?

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So i got a "temp" choice card today.

because of my longer than 30 day wait for a apt that was scheduled.

Background: I have had fatigue for over a decade, what the doc called daytime hypersomnolence (at least in the exam notes), basically tired all day, never feel rested after a night of sleep....ever.

So he called for a sleep study and had it done at the local private clinic here. however they did not do what he wanted and had me to the take home test and didnt test for all that he wanted. the test said no sleep apnea, so i was glad since i didnt have to use a machine, but i still had no answers (am wondering if its chronic fatigue?). Anyways he called me up a week or so ago (it took 4 months for the results to finally show up in his system). He was pissed they didnt do the real one where you stay the night, etc. and ordered it to be done with him in his clinic area, but wouldnt be available until october (he may be one of the few good ones at that hospital i think), he said "i dont give a shit what that test said i want it done right, we need to know whats going on.".

anyways back to the choice card now you have the background for my 30+ day wait and the reason for the choice card.

I live about 5 miles from a outpatient clinic, but about 100 miles from VAMC of the state system im in and about 50 miles from another one.

I live in State A, but the closest outpatient is in State B. State B's closest VAMC is 100 miles away, but i live 50 miles from the VAMC in state A where i technically live. so they always sent me to the VAMC 100 miles away. either way im over 40 miles from the nearest VAMC and I wanted to know what is considered a "medical facility" when answering the 40 mile question? Is it the nearest outpatient clinic or the nearest VAMC that trips the 40 mile?

I would imagine with the VA its anything so that they dont have to offer it to you, however i was looking to see if this question had been answered already? I searched the forum but maybe didnt type in correct words? If it has been answered you can just copy/paste link to thread.


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The short answer is IDK. It may boil down to what services are available in the nearby clinic, and what services YOU need. I have a vets choice card also, and you pretty much need to get stuff pre approved or you can expect them to deny it. So, just call em and tell em you need xxx medical service, and that is not available locally, and can you use Veterans choice card for service at your local clinic.

Then, write down the employees name, date, time of call, and send an IRIS inquiry, which you also keep a copy of, confirming they agree to pay.

VA loses or forgets so much of our stuff you should "CYA".

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