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Commissary, what else?

Carl the Engineer

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A month ago, I was awarded Spousal Aid & Attendance for my assisting my wife with her Multiple Sclerosis at $105 a month based on my 70% veteran with spouse.

Today, in the eBenifits letters, in my benefit summary letter it now has; 

You are receiving non-service connected pension: Yes

And in the letters, I have a Commisary letter, (however, it says I have to contact them).

So, I allready have access to the Commisary as a grey retirie, however it 3 1/2 hours away, so not so benificial.

What else should I be looking for now that I have a non-service connected pension and commisary privrilidges?



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I know that you have made an election to receive pension but I can't help but wonder whether you are unemployable because of your service connected disability and whether you should file an application for unemployability with V.A. in an attempt to get your 70% rating increased to 100%.  If you could get 100% you would have entitlement to more benefits like property tax exemptions in some states, reduced cost license plates in some states, and medical insurance for your dependents.

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One of the first things you should likely do is to go to your VAMC, probably the "means testing".  You see, if you paid  a copay on your medicine, you may get all those back to your effective date, as I think NSC means you dont have copays.  Someone else will chime in if I am wrong about that.  I think I got a check for several hundred dollars as a refund of my prescription copays back to my effective date.  

You also want to check with your Veterans benefits in your state.  Most of these are for 100 percent Vets, but their are things for pensioners, too.  

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