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Acronyms were very confusing to me when I first got started on this Veterans site. We probably should have a list of Acronyms. I am sure that in time we will have them. I always try to use first text explanation of them. It is important to look at them carefully for instance there is the board the BVA (board of veterans appeals) then there is the VBA (veterans benefits administration).

I have developed what it takes to pursue my claims. This energy has been applied to many different laws, acronyms, delay tactics, VA appearance of ignorance, and facts I do need for my own claims. I have had to learn these things.

Sadly enough when I was younger, and denied legitimate claims, I had just thought the VA had misread my evidence. When I figured out that this process would take about 35 years I realized that I would not have a life if I depended on the VA system for help. I struggled to find work that I could do. I became a machinist. A machinist is someone who can stay away from people, and he can be left alone.

Getting into life I became so busy trying to keep up with work, pain, and disabilities that I did not even have the time or mentality to battle the VA. I had remained in the depression, and I had learned how to live in it. Now that I have secondary disabilities which have added to my total disability and unemployability I have time.

The things that I have learned are almost beyond belief. It has come to my attention that the governments altering, omitting, and misrepresenting my records, in a concerted effort to deny my claims, is real. I think I am angry at my own gullibility more than I am angry with violation of law.

This combined anger has caused me to want to learn the law, since we are denied legal representation to a point, to research every avenue and to become investigative in my claims. This knowledge, that I have gained from other people (Hadit-INTERNET) has given me a feeling of exoneration. I have been set free, inside, because I have sought out the truth through knowledge given to me. This freedom is a freedom from ignorance within my own self.

This freedom has given me knowledge to help other people. Hadit has given me renewed energy to pursue this system.

What it takes, for me, is the ability to stick to it and learn why I have been dishonored all these years by a system which has a budget that does not consider the true facts or law. Only I have the ability to fight my claims with the help of others who suffer similar denials. If I want to pursue my claims then I have had to learn all aspects of my claims which include acronyms.

Get pissed-off but use the energy to learn without harming yourself or another human being. A good man, on this site, says to fight the VA like they are the enemy for they are. This could not have been said better. It has taken me 35 years to realize this. I hope that you will join us in developing our claims and ourselves. It has been quite a ride, and it is not over yet.

What is very strange is that I have come to love these people here. I don't even know them, and I have never met them. They are my brothers and sisters. Then again what the heck do I know.

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