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  1. I have a need to locate my last claim. It was denied. The thing is I cant find the paperwork or remember what it was. I was discouraged and figured what's the use, forget it. Now my DVT's are much worse and this may have been the basis for the claim. Can anyone help with a way to get the claim sent to me? I appreciate any, all help, thanks.
  2. See your local, not VA, urologist and ask for help with ED/PME. If he tells you about the latest and greatest prothesis (implant) my advice is go for it man! Email me for further discussion. Regards, jpw4347@yahoo.com
  3. OLD5311-- What is an AMS 700??

    1. Old 5311

      Old 5311

      It is a Penile implant.  Google AMS-700 and learn all about it.

  4. Friend, this can be fixed easier than anyone will believe. Very brief urology proceedure to install an AMS-700. Maybe overnight in hospital. No pain, discomfort. It will look completely normal. No one except spouse needs to know. Very quick, very discrete, completely confidential. In a couple weeks ALL will be well. See a urologist and get it. You may contact me if you like. My ins paid with no questions. (Paxil was very bad for me).
  5. ED causes additional depression. Tell your VA doc and file your claim. You will be called in for a genitrol exam. It is no big deal, but the xtra $$ are fine. Later use your private ins and get a penile implant. Nothing else works as well.
  6. 60% for Dystemic Disorder. (PTSD w/depression) A Q has developed, that is, how do I know if I will be called for further, routine periodic C&P Exams?
  7. Try to get agreement from your VA PC doc. Show him your private dr's reports and he will probably agree and enter it into your file. Get a copy of your file notes regarding your condition and send it to your VSO for submission to the VA. The claims examiner may not bother to read your file. What ever you send directly will be lost. They are not your friend and they don't care what you did for the liberty they enjoy. Good Luck and Pray.
  8. Thanx, but it would have been wonderful if it had happened back in 1980. It has been a long long struggle. I am very pleased. Thanx again to hadit, Bay Pines DAV and my JAXVA doc.
  9. Gainesville Fl. VAMC is a very well run facility. Like all busy clinics, get there early A.M. but not on a Friday P.M. You may very well spend the W-E very bored. Seek advice from hadit for all actions prior to marching on. They are building a large expansion to the hospital. For parking be sure to use the Valet Service at the main entrance.
  10. I'm all for the happy dance, ASAP!
  11. Keep at it. Watch your back, trust no bureaucrat. Keep all copies orderly. Seek guidance and wisdom right here.
  12. :D Thanks to many VSO's, the DAV, and Hadit. Berta, you helped me more than I can express. Thanks and I hope I can help someone else. Keep it up, you're the best. It came officially today. Filed in Feb. 09, and now sweet success. God bless all of you and this forum for the aid I needed. BEWARE of Mr Roger Davis MD at C&P Gainesville, FL. He fires questions so quickly you cannot answer. Starting with "How many years of school did you complete?". "Did you repeat any grades?" "Why?". "Did you have any friends?", etc. He is tough! Warm Regards
  13. TS Snave, Thanks for the help. I filled out the entire VA-Form 21-8940 using the PDF on line. It is a two page document. You may view it, and yes it requires complete last employer information. I have no clue what an employer form is nor did my NSO mention it. Maybe it has become outdated and included into the lates form.
  14. Hey Guys, thanks for your posts tonight. Warm Regards from NE FL.
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