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Ssdi and Possible Job Dilemma

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Havent worked in three years

Fired from post office in 2013

Applied for social security disibility in 2014

Was medically discharged from the Navy in 2003 for various medical reasons

Denied social security disibility in 2015

Again denied on apeal for social security disibility in 2016

Living off military disibility pension of 1900 per month is very stressful, doable, but stressful.

2016 after ssd denied apeal, I applied for various jobs. I know I would have a hard time doing and keeping any job due to my disibilities, but times are financially hard.

Jan 2017 one of the jobs is giving me a drug test and intends to hire me

Jan 2017 I stand before an SSD judge and my lawyer says I have a very good chance of winning.

The job is a very good paying job at 28$ an hour, however Im not sure if I can do the job due to my medical limitations

The SSD will give me $2400 per month tax free however I do not know if I will win?

They both seem to over rule each other.

I cannot collect ssd if I work and vice versa

My lawyer states that the judge usually takes about 8 weeks to mail a decision after an ssd hearing

Meaning I would have to start my new jobs in mid march.

I am not sure if the new job would wait nearly two months for me to start...But my worst fear is to accept the job and then see that I was approved for ssd.

Or not accept job and be denied ssd

Thank you for any help.

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It seems that you have invested a lot of years towards your social security claim. Yes, the job is good money but it won't be if you are unable to do the job. It is also a lot of back pay that you will be giving up if you win your claim. If you take the job you will lose your social security claim and then if you are unable to keep the job you will have to start all over if you choose to file your claim again. Just some thoughts to think about but ultimately is going to be up to you to choose what route you want to go. I wish you good luck and a Merry Christmas.

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