CUE for Eczema-like condition denied :-(

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Just an update on my claims.  I did the letter to request reconsideration.  Now all my claims on eBenefits have been reopened on eBenefits with a new estimated completion date of Jan to Aug 2017.  Also, everything is listed in Vets.gov as "Under Review".  The VA said they sent me a Development Letter on 16 Jun, which I have not received yet.  

Under "Needed from Others" in eBenefits, it looks like the VA has dropped the need for a C&P exam for the endometrium ablation - I think I managed to convince them it wasn't going to grow back and an exam would be a waste of time and money.

I have also checked out the local VSO and he seems OK.  I popped in on him when I was in the area and got lucky and was able to talk with him for a good while.  He knows I have a lot of complex stuff going on, but also seems to know when to seek help from his associates located at the VARO.  I like that and he seems like he really enjoys helping.  I immediately changed my POA on eBenefits, but the VARO told me it will take up to 30 days for it to take effect.  

Now it is playing the waiting game again.



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