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Heads up - Check your ebenefit dates of awards

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Guest L


I have not logged onto ebenefits in about 6 months. I needed a verification letter for my property taxes.

The date of my last award for IU was changed from December 2016 to December 2017 -

Has anyone else had this happen? 

Unable to send a request - IRIS apparently is not responding - with the ability to put in a trouble ticket. It allow the form to be out but will not submit. _ this was on the weekend will try again. 

I go to the VA 3 times a week for counseling so I will see if VBA office has a perspective and give an update - Check your date for a Navy "CYA" ( Cover your A$$) If I did not have my last letter with the proper date "printed" out ( old address) I would have nothing..... 

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Yes, we know about this.  Ebenefits letters covers the period since the last pay increase.  So, you got a raise and the pay went up Dec. 1 2017.  

For me, this was not a big deal..companies or governments usually want to know that you are currently 100 percent disabled, not that you have been disabled since  xx date.  

If you MUST prove you were disabled earlier, then you can provide a copy of your VARO decision saying the effective date, and explain that the AB8 letter shows only since your most recent pay raise, Dec. 2017.  

Most of the time you need one or the other (VARO decision letter or AB8 letter) but not both, but its a good idea to have both on hand in case your agency requires one or the other.  

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