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Ankle Increase?

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I have a right ankle with traumatic arthritis (old evulsion fracture) the ankle is deformed in that it is swollen, constant pain, intermittent sharp pain with walking, some limitation of motion and occasional instability.  This is s/c at 10% however, i recently was seen by a PMD  with x-ray who said it was bone on bone and he gave me a parking permit so I can park in a handicapped parking spot.  The old 10% is well over 30 years old and I'm wondering what the increase would be if I reopened my case with the VA?

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I'm sure others will be able to find better info, but here's a couple things I found with a quick search.

Here's the form they'll be using to evaluate your ankle:



Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 1.10.51 PM.png

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My experience is all you get is 10% for x-ray evidence, and more for range of motion.

So, claim for a increase for your ankle and then go to the C&P and the examiner will measure the range of motion.

I do not know what else you get comp for, but, after 30 years of a bad ankle, you probably have other conditions related to your ankle.  You can and should claim secondary conditions secondary to  your bad ankle.  For example, if you limp, and your left foot hurts sometimes, claim left leg, ankle and foot pain secondary to your right ankle service connected condition.  Let them examine your right leg, ankle and foot and let them opine on what's up.  

Do not pin point the problem for them,  unless you know specifically (you are a doctor), let then search and find.

3 of my secondaries are more (20%) than their original (10%) claims.

Secondaries are where its at for some of us...




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I am not a doctor but after researching my own claims, I find that I mentioned what my problem was specifically.  Even though I had other problems associated with my "specific"  they didn't address the related problems, only what I noted.  There is  deformity of the ankle as well as instability and loss of ROM.  And recently I have found that my Stage of Renal Insufficiency is Stage 3 up from 2 which if it continues will be a 60% on kidneys due to hypertension for over30 years-high BP resolved with CPAP.  I'm sorry I wasn't more prompt in my reply. 

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