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It's a funny thing.......

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Worked as a tracked vehicle mechanic for two years in mechanized infantry on armored vehicles 79-81,and experienced daily exposure to loud engine noise.

During my tour of duty I went on sick call once for right ear pain, per service treatment records.

Then months after, I went on sick call for dizziness, per service treatment records.

When I ETSd, I left Germany and returned to my Florida home in April.

I  had another episode of dizziness but I thought it was caused climate change due to my blood being thicker from being in the cold weather, and then going to the hot and humid temps in Florida.

I continued to have an occasional dizzy spell but I truly thought it was caused by working in the heat in Florida.

I basically just learned to live with these dizzy spells as they were always of a short duration typically lasting about 30 minutes or sometimes a little more.

The dizzy spells increased in severity and frequency and I had to start seeing doctors to try and find out what was causing them.

Along with the more frequent dizzy spells, I began to have a constant ringing noise in my ears around 2007.

I started receiving medical care at the VA at this time.

I told them about the ringing in my ears and the dizzy spells.

I was sent for a MRI and MRA of my head with both results normal.

I was prescribed meclizine by the VA to treat the dizziness but the VA never diagnosed the ringing in the ears or what condition was causing the recurring dizziness.

I saw primary care doctors too outside of the VA and they documented dizziness/giddiness but never told me what was causing it.

This went on and on.

About 2015, a neighbor told me I might have medical problems related to my time in service that I could get monetary benefits for.

I filed for hearing loss and tinnitus. Was given a C&P exam and promptly denied.

The RO decision said I was denied because I didn't have a diagnosis of tinnitus, even though the VA records showed complaints of my ears ringing.

The RO noted hearing loss on the C&P exam, non-compensable level, and a hearing loss in service, non-compensable, so no service connection for hearing loss.

The frequency of the dizzy spells progressed to the point I feel dizzy most days, some days I get the room spinning , nausea, and those are the worst.

My balance is awful and I have fallen and almost broke my leg, and sprained my ankle badly.

I have had no luck with any of several law firms to help develop the medical evidence required for obtaining benefits.

Promises with no substance by them all.

Based on audiometric findings of standard threshold shifts/ hearing loss in mainly lower frequencies in service records, and chronic dizziness, I have come to the conclusion that I am afflicted with Meniere's Disease.

Medical examination has been scheduled by a board certified ENT for Meniere's Disease to obtain a diagnosis.

At the present time, I am contemplating flying to the Midwest for an IME to obtain a nexus letter before I file a fully developed claim.

Based on the symptoms I'm having I can be rated at 100% for this one disease.

I hope that when I provide all of this medical evidence that the VA will decide in my favor.

Trying so hard to keep out of the appeals backlog.

Q: Does anyone have any helpful advice such as something I may have overlooked before I am ready to file this?

Q: The hearing loss and tinnitus denial since 2015 have been appealed. Will a new claim of Meniere's Disease be joined with the original hearing loss/tinnitus denials as they are both symptoms of Meniere's Disease, although I never filed for Meniere's Disease?

The original tinnitus claim was based upon noise exposure, but Meniere's can onset with, or without tinnitus, often with delayed onset tinnitus. but dizziness and hearing loss are known to occur at onset.



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  • HadIt.com Elder

 First off it is very hard staying out of the Appeals process I'd say 90% of us had to Appeal our first time claims.

 What you need ,you need to have your hearing tested and word discrimination test. testing done in both ears without hearing aids

However Proving Service connection is the hardest part once your S.C For hearing loss  you can always file for increase if and when your hearing gets worse.

  Depending on the out come of your test  the numbers is what they go by to determine your loss of hearing  you need a good qualified Audiologist to test your hearing using the VA GUIDELINES and the Maryland CNC word test and if you show any level of loss of hearing it should be S.C.

providing the Dr states that in his/her opinion your hearing loss  could be a hereditary condition however after what I have read in his military medical records and after examining this veteran and what this veteran reports his job was in the military and his MOS  it it likely as not his hearing loss occurred while he was in the military  being around sudden loud noise without ear protection and this damage his ears * (Dr needs to give detail opinion) and also veteran states he has a ringing sound in his head, this is medically known as tinnitus caused by his bilateral hearing loss from the loud sudden noise he was subject to while in the military although there is no medical known fact what the cause is for tinnitus however it is in relation & is likely as not due to his hearing loss.

to get a % for hearing loss VA is very stubborn with this,  you will need to be darn near deaf to get any rating above the 10% but you can be 0% s.c. for hearing loss and still be granted 10% for tinnitus

Having diagnose for Meniere's disease does not mean you have loss of hearing but can be the cause of your dizzy spells, also you should have your cardio system checked out that also can cause your dizzy spells


Please take in consideration this!

 before  you file a claim for hearing loss/tinnitus you may ask your VA PCP for a full body exam, for any condition you had while in the military and you should file on all of those too at the same time, if your denied you can appeal and retry  you will be supprised at what they may grant...at least it starts that EED Clock.

any conditions  would be 

any condition that was caused by your military service

A trauma event that you witness and caused you MH problems Depression disorders PTSD ect,,,ect,,,Gerd, sinus/rinnuitus problems, skin problems, sleep disorders, cardio problems or HBP, or Loss of use organs of body parts, Any other medical condition you think you might have had or was caused from your military service file claims for these.

Edited by Buck52

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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