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Is there a 60 day rule once dro start the review

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Mr cue


Just call 1800 for my weekly check up lol

Once again told the dro start the review an it's should be a decision 60 days.

Not ask how long It.took to get to dro but how long after a hearing or informal phone call did u get a decision. That when the review  start I take it

Just try to see if it is a guideline or just more hurry wait talk lol

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Sounds like they gave you an estimation. It could also vary based on what the DRO finds. For example, if you happen to need to have a new exam or they need to request records, additional evidence, or contact you for more information, it could take longer.

I'll tell you how my DRO experience went.

When I requested my DRO review under the old system, I requested an in-person DRO because I wanted to present my findings directly and interact. I knew it was going to take forever, but got in to see the DRO in about two years. The meeting took less than an hour. The DRO lady recorded the conversation and took notes. I was not sworn in like I was for my BVA board hearing. At the conclusion, she actually said based on what I presented, she believed the initial denial was a stupid decision (her words). She indicated needing to double-check and verify against the documents they already had, but said I should have a decision within four to six weeks, which was exactly when I received the decision.

If you requested DRO review under the new system, I have no idea how that will work. I sent in a HLR request under the new system last month, but I did not request a hearing. It was a CUE request not containing any new evidence, but showed on an 8th grade level how the VA failed to apply laws in effect at the time.

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19 hours ago, Mr cue said:

See when I had my dro 2001 had a decision in about 7 week had to wait for transcript.

I believe once they take on the review it's 60 days.

Seem to me that what they did for u to.

Yeah, but that's under the old system. Don't know how the new system works. It does seem that they are trying to turn around things faster...

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Yes I am still under the old legacy system never opt in to the new system.

I been asking other that had a dro hearing or call how long did it take to get desicion most 60 90days

I just need the aid & attendance I get 2 days a week 2 hr a day. Smh

100 tdiu 25 yrs never given smc s

Comp.exam stated I need it mdd exam stated I need it. I got like 5 exams stating I need it.

But got a two decisions before the hearing your not beddrin the end lol

Nothing else on it I think because I get higher level care from vha that pay for my in home services.

That smc  r1 I will have to go to bva.

Last thing I am already on the docket so they can drag. I have to wait any way

But yea I think they have a time limit after they start your review.


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Social Security presses to get claimants a decision in 60 to 120 days.  

With VA, they try to get you a decision, if possible, in 60 years instead.  Most of the Veterans do receive their benefits in 60 years, but VA does not guarantee same.  

Apparently it took VA 60 years to process this Veterans benefits:


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