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REPS Benefit for Certain Vietnam Vet survivors



None of my former crappy vet reps even knew of this benefit-

the older application used to come with the DIC 534, but the forms have changed-

This benefit was over $21,000 to me. If your spouse could possibly fall under the criteria, when you die, make sure you have  a copy of this form into your Death file-discussed many times at ou radio shows in the Podcast archives.

Maybe I will do another show with Jerrel  and John in the future on the Death File or the End of Life shows.

The REPS Benefit is clearly explained on the form and also is available here at hadit under a Search.

REPS regards the Omnibus Reconciliation Act.

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The Reps program is one of the "hidden" benefits, that VA doesnt talk about, and VSO's dont either, along with DIC, pension, ILP, and a few others.  Im glad you pointed it out, I was certainly "rusty" on this one also.  

I told my spouse to contact my lawyer..not my VSO..when I die.  (It needs to be a VA lawyer, not a regular lawyer.   I dont think most divorce laywers will know the differnce between DIC and the slang term for a certain part of the male anatomy)

    I did put a "to do" list of what she should do right in front of my VA life insurance.  That 10,000 dollar VA life will last her about 2 months or less.  

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A Very funny DIC  analogy!

But so true!!!!!!

I have a Death file for my daughter that even has photos of the way I hook up my hoses, where the septic tank lid is for professional cleaning of it, and how each TV and PC is hooked up, plis how the electric panels work.

Insurance policies, Will, DNR, Organ Bank confirmation of my future organ donation, Deed to the Plot at the local VA Cemetery, etc etc, the budget ( which will continue because I have direct draw payments for stuff out of my account that she will have access to---etc etc---)

But not as large as VA Watchdog's death file. Jim Strickland told me he has written a large book, for everything his wife will need to know and to do when he dies.And probably still adds stuff to it.

Veterans, more than most civilian couples I know, are far more concerned about the spouse ,after they die.

I offered to do a presentation on death at our senior meeting years ago, (or on the new CPR )but the  leader of the group didn't want me to do that. They wanted to hear my testimony again.


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