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I really can't believe this crazy stuff.

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Mr cue


Man I am sitting here in fire.

The bva has been playing games with my case for four years two cavc remand.

First court remand to bva the make 3 different decision.

I ask plead with bva VA to merger my legacy appeal back together.

I get to cavc the cavc order all my appeal merger back with the legacy appeal docket.

Well I get two different 90 day evidence letter today.

The  bva has now merger two issues with the legacy appeal docket.

An send me a 90 day evidence letter with a 21 ama docket number.


So basically they are going to try an process and make 2 different decision one in legacy and one in the ama system. In my case again.

I will be doing a writ next week to the court to get them to address this.

I just call the white house hotline to make a complaint.

I will be upload a statement tomorrow.

I any waiting for this  new game to even get in motion

This just let me understand that they are trying everything to keep this going. Smh.

I mean I have a cavc court order were they merger all my appeal back with the legacy appeal docket.

This is just crazy.

I will post the two 90 day evidence letter send on the same day so everyone don't think I be making this stuff up 


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Ok here is the cavc order that merger all myself appeal back together when they did this before

 turn my cavc remand into 3 different appeal.

This time they are trying to turn it into two different appeals I get two 90 day evidences letter. 

The court didn't make two decisions on September 12.

So how they do this am I to think this is been done on purpose. Smh 

Really just vent and showing ppl I aint just making this stuff up.



ORDERED that the appellant's motions to consolidate are granted. All documents filed under Docket Nos. 21-7874 and 21-8150 will be transferred to, and the appeals consolidated under, Docket No. 22-1068, which remains expedited. It is further ORDERED that proceedings under Docket Nos. 21-7574 and 21-8150 are terminated. It is further ORDERED that, within five days after the date of this order, the Secretary serve a copy of the consolidated RBA on the appellant and file a notice with the Clerk certifying that the consolidated RBA has been served. It is further ORDERED that, after the RBA has been served, a Rule 33 conference will be scheduled and substitute briefing for the consolidated appeal will proceed in accordance with Rule 47(b). (BARTLEY) (JM)


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Well woke up this morning an put out notice to. Bva that I Wil be doing a writ in 30 day if my appeal are merger back in to one appeal under my legacy docket.

As the court order.

Many might not understand under ama there are different laws for effective date.

And what appeal do You think they are trying to process in the ama system.

The mental health appeal which remain pending seen 2003. Smh

This is how they are going to try an never address the proper effective date.

I am so mad this us the 2nd time they did this.

Just blow off the court.

So I sit here and they Judy going to process it this way an no will n address my statement or any of the white house line or the upload statment to the litigation support at the at the bva.

I wrote on the 90 day letter about this so if the person process the 90 day letter but don't address what I put on there. More evidence they are choosing to volate the cavc order.

This is crazy I just had this same fight for year now I am fighting the same fight. After a cavc remand.

Can't no one tell me this isn't been done on purpose.

On I am done vent. Lol

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So I call 1800  to try and have them send somethings over to bva about this.

Now I am been told that they are process the housebound in the ama system.

And the other issue are be put on hold. Form what the supviser see.

Smh I never requested for any of my appeals to be  remove from legacy appeal system first.

I fought this to the court now they still are process it again. To hold up ever thing else.

Well I put  in all my noctice that in will be doing a writ to the court in 3 weeks.

I refuse to wait on them to  .  remand it to the va than it's over . I will wait a year again to get all this address again smh.

Once again they find away to put ever thing on hold again

Hope I will just let.it go 

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The claim start 2018.

The trying to turn my appeals in ama and removing them from legacy appeal for a year.

I just had the cavc order them to merger them back together.

Now you get the cavc remand an you do it again.

An Now are holding my other demands from the court.

Why you process my cave remand again in ama system.

I am really upset with this this is been done to delay an not address my case.

They did this to my last cavc remand I got 3 different decision.

Smh well I put in all the notice that I will be do a writ today.

I've send a copy to the bva ligation department they are the ones do this.

I really think I am about to do them writ next week I am no about to play with these ppl.

The court is going to make them address it when have any veteran got two 90 day evidence letter on the same day.


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Ok i woke up this morning thinking how do to fight and get the va to address this errror.

An the crazy part I just when through a whole year trying to get the bva va to merger my appeals back together.

I had to go through a whole cavc case to get it address.

An Now the is doing it again. Smh

Here is the judge explain why they cant keep try to do this.

An they still are do it.

I am so upset you can get anyone to address anything or respond to anything so I will get. 

So now they will just be hold my cavc to process a appeal in the new ama system.

An I never requested to be remove from legacy appeal. No one will look or address this for a year.









Because the Court's remand for further adjudication of the psychiatric disorder effective 
date issue may change the factual predicate on which VA determined the proper effective date for 
the award of SMC at the housebound was based, it holds that the issues are inextricably intertwined 
and that remand of the SMC housebound rate effective date is likewise warranted. See Smith v. 
Gober, 236 F.3d 1370, 1372 (Fed. Cir. 2001) (explaining that, "in the interests of judicial economy 
and avoidance of piecemeal litigation," claims that are "intimately connected" should be 
adjudicated together); Henderson v. West, 12 Vet.App. 11, 20 (1998) ("[W]here a decision on one 
issue would have a significant impact upon another, and that impact in turn could render any 
review by this Court of the decision on the other [issue] meaningless and a waste of judicial 
resources, the two [issues] are inextricably intertwined." (quotations and alterations omitted)


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