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CLL claim process for the Gulf War veterans

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I know it's been a few years since the last post about CLL and claims as a Gulf War veteran, but I'm about to start my claim for CLL with the VBA.  I already have an appointment with a local VSO, but I want to wrap my head around the process.  

A little back story, I am a Gulf War vet who served in the theater (Oman) for almost all of the War.  I flew up to Oman from Diego Garcia the day the B-52's left for the first strikes, and I returned to Diego Garcia the day after the cease fire was signed.  I am getting 30% disability already and the CLL was discovered by my local VA medical center.

I only found out a week ago, and the Oncologist we talked to said they flagged my White Blood Cell (WBC) count over a year ago, but it just now climbed into the range that they thought they needed to tell me. The Dr. said I'm not bad enough to need treatment, but that I should look at making a claim.

Has anyone made a successful claim recently?  

Do you have any advice or references to help the claim process?




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  • HadIt.com Elder

My brother has CLL.  There are some very effective treatments for CLL.  My brother's CLL was getting worse and he was losing weight.  His private cancer doctor proscribed him a new drug and it has lowered his white blood count significantly.  There are different strains of CLL and some are dangerous and some not so much, but there is treatment.  I would get myself to a cancer hospital and get some a second opinion.  I can talk to my brother and get the name of the drug he takes.  It is expensive so that is why the VA is probably not using it on you.  You can message me.


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Hi John, I appreciate the fast response.  Currently, I'm not looking for treatment options.  My local VA Medical Center is attached to the top cancer center in my state, and when the time comes, I'm sure I'll get top notch care.

What I'm looking for is information about the process for getting my claim through the VA Benefits Administration.  I have been doing research on the claims process and think I might fall under the newly enacted PACT Act of 2021(or is it 2022).  I don't read legalese very well, but it seems that My CLL might be automatically approved as Presumptive from my service in Desert Storm, but I'm not totally sure on that.

I'm hoping to find someone or some citations of another Gulf War vet who got their CLL claim approved.




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  • HadIt.com Elder

I get you C.  I think until you have symptoms you will only get a minor rating if you win your claim.  If CLL is presumptive for Gulf War you will get a rating.  I would make the claim and see where you go with it.  I am a Vietnam ve,t so I know little about Gulf War presumptives.  Where would you look for list of presumptives for CLL and Gulf War.  I will look myself.

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