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C File

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Ok, so how I managed to get this far without a C file in hand???  I keep seeing that word being thrown around. I went to my local VA today to try and get it. I am not interested in filing any new claims, just wanted to see what disabilities are "static".  I started at FOI desk at the local VAMC, and was given a form to fill out and mail into the RO. I thought there had to be a better way of doing this. I called the VET center and was told to get with a VSO. I got 2 phone numbers of local VSO's. Left messages with both calls. One called me back to set up an appointment but was told they could only see what my %'s were. Hell, I can do that with effective dates on ebenefits. The VSO gave me the number to VA to ask.  Is this really how it is done?  I am skeptical about calling the VA, as I don't want to be on their radar.

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Requesting your C-file is not filing a claim, they get hundreds, probably thousands of requests, every day. Its not like a flag goes off somewhere that alerts someone to it. ROI doesn't hav access to your file at VAMCs- they can only see percentages and have no need to see your claims file. What they do is totally different, and many providers don't want to be involved in the disability process at all. The phone call people likely can't see much either, they aren't cleared as highly as we (VSRs) are. Many VSOs should be able to see your codesheet- thats the other part of the decision that does in your file but isn't mailed out. Its the diagnostic codes you are rated under and which ones are static.  in order to do their job they have to be able to see what's in your file, not just your percentages. I know that many can see more than that because I get emails every month or so from 1 asking why I did X,Y,Z on so-and-so's claim a month ago. 

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I bet the VSOs know that but once you let a veteran know you have access to the codesheet, they will pester you nonstop for a copy of it despite the fact that VSOs cannot provide a copy of it.  The VSO should have looked at the codesheet and then told you if you were static or not on all your conditions.

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First off not all VSO have the same access. For example there local VFW has people who act as VSO when you go into see them. So they can only fill out and fax in forms. In my local area only one of them have access to VBMS. The problem is unless they have gone through the process of becoming a certified 'claims agent" they probably don't have access to the VBMS system. I have a good working relationship  with my state VSO who has full access to VBMS including the ability to print from my C-File.  I will attach the VA FIOA that you need to use to get your C-File. (Filled out with what you need to cut and past in it.) 

I have been waiting for over 2 1/2 years for my application to be certified. 

asdf you are wrong in that the right VSO with the right access can and will print stuff out of your C-File.

FIOA C-File Request and C & P Exam Doctor Information.pdf

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