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  1. He said his HTN is rated at 0 so it is already service connected. So no there is no impact to getting it raised however, I would file for secondary conditions as they arise
  2. Do you have any deferred conditions that are still open? I see many veterans get a rating but the claim is still open for deferred claims.
  3. Hypertension at 0% is absolutely common and I see it in the majority of approved claims.
  4. The VA requires certain conditions in order to expedite a claim they can be found on VA Form 20-10207. They include homelessness, financial hardships, terminally ill, 85 years or older, MOH or PH, ALS.
  5. It wont qualify him for the healthcare but he is eligible to file for the hearing issues. Once those are connected he can get healthcare.
  6. Whodat is correct, If you got the hypertension connected due to the Pact Act, it is only backdated until 10 August per the Act.
  7. In Colorado, you must be 100% scheduler not TDIU. This is from the CDVA website "Qualifying Disabled Veteran applicants must have an honorable discharge and established a service-connected disability that has been rated by the United States Department of Homeland Security, or the Department of the Army, Navy or Air Force. Individuals being compensated at 100% rate due to individual unemployability do not qualify for this exemption."
  8. The 1041.82 is a single veteran at 50% for 2023 but when I look back at 2022 at single 50% veteran should have received 958.44. So without your % and dependent status it will be hard to determine the change.
  9. All conditions are filed on the same form regardless of whether it is secondary or not. Use a 526EZ, if it is the first time filing for it. As far as ratings, they stand alone so for example GERD is rated the same as GERD that is secondary to a medication for a service connected condition.
  10. The VA generally produces checks for one time payments and direct deposit for recurring payments. I agree with Broncovet to use mobile banking to deposit your check electronically.
  11. Veterans need to apply for benefits before the VA can get involved. Everyone gets mad at the VA but if nothing is requested from them then how do they know there is a problem.
  12. They may be deferred and you will receive an additional letter when they are decided. I have noticed this is becoming more common and while it helps the veteran since you are not waiting for your 100% check it also confuses since many of the conditions are not listed. If you have a VSO they can look on your code sheet and tell you exactly which conditions are deferred.
  13. If you haven't started it already, go on your phone and download a free migraine log and keep it updated. This will help during your C&P when they ask about frequency of the migraines. It is much better to state the exact dates you had them than to say I have them once or twice a week.
  14. Can you back up your claim with medical evidence? If so, include that in your claim so that the decision is not just based on a C&P exam.
  15. I bet the VSOs know that but once you let a veteran know you have access to the codesheet, they will pester you nonstop for a copy of it despite the fact that VSOs cannot provide a copy of it. The VSO should have looked at the codesheet and then told you if you were static or not on all your conditions.
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