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Audtime-frame and procedures

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Hey, Carson

Basically, the fiduciary hub (a subset of the VBA/VSRs that deals with things like pension, fiduciaries, and check retrievals for errant direct deposits, among other things) will get with DFAS to figure out what was initially sent as severance, then go back through their own records to see what was sent out to you as disability compensation. It can take a while.

How long is awhile? I can't really say- because I don't know, I don't work as a fiduciary and I never have, at least yet. Sometimes your DD214 lists severance in the remarks block. I think you can also go through the DFAS website and request pay records, but I know how far back. I have to do it sometimes in my capacity as a VSR to determine things like "Were you on AD as a reservist/NG when XYZ happened"  if you or DoD/Dept of [Insert Service Here] doesn't have a complete record set of your duty weekends, ATs, Active Reserve or Guard, or deployments. I can usually get an answer back in about a week but it's just a printout of whatever date range I told them I was interested in. No editorializing or commentary, and it's often not columnized very well so it's a pain to read. Excel to the rescue!

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As always, with any "how long does it take VA to ...." questions, its a carefully guarded secret.  Its so carefully guarded secret, that even VA has no idea.  

This said, I did an audit which was completed in around 30 days.  This was a retro payments audit..I got different numbers than the VA got.  Oh, and yes, I got additional retro pay within about 5 or 6 weeks.  

But, this was on a final decision about the retro.  But I cant answer about garnishments.  

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