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Severance package

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I was medically discharged in 10/2005 from the Army National Guard after a release from 10 USC orders. I was never assigned a Peblo and did not do the MEB process. Therefore, I did not get VA compensation during that time and I did not accept a severance package either. How do I verify if a severance package was recommended to me? I would have never agreed to a severance package. Currently waiting in the appeal process for VA disability compensation and wondering about recouping.

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My understanding is that you have to go back to the state and unit that you got discharged from. What I mean is that for example we have a family friend that had service in 4 states he was trying to get his points together for his 20 year retirement. He had problems because his points were scattered out between all 4 states and some how they did not get transferred to his discharge unit. He had to go to the maim Guard unit in his state to get it straightened out. In his case it was Montgomery AL. Hope it helps. Others hear may have better answers.

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A big issue is how long you served in the NG.  You can read about your eligibility for VA benefits through National Guard, here:  https://www.benefits.va.gov/BENEFITS/benefits-summary/SummaryofVANationalGuardandReserve.pdf

Your dd214 probably has a discharge code, which may indicate whether or not you were offered severance.  While Im weak on National Guard benefits as far as VA goes, I assume you get/got a dd 214..all of us in regular military did.  If you did get a dd 214, you can post the code, and maybe someone here can decode it to see if it shows you were offered severance.  

Do you have a copy of your records?  Thats a great place to start.  

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