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Unadjusted Aggregate Disability Rating?

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I’m a 100% P&T VA disability rated veteran, and in using the VA Disability App, I see that I have a 99% “Unadjusted Disability Rating” also titled as “Unadjusted Aggregate Rating”. 

My assumption….is that this means no matter what the VA does to my rating, they cannot adjust 99% of my 100% rating. 

Please advise.

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Whether or not it can be adjusted is subject to the 20yr rule, that's it. You may 99% on paper which is rounded to 100, or the calculators math could be off due to bilat factor. I've never used the VA tool you are using, I used either Microhealth, or I break out the paper chart and do it manually. 

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You need not worry about "the VA's rounding up" your disability rating from 99 percent to 100 percent P and T.  

All this said, its a myth that 100 percent VA rating is as high (in compensation) as you can go.  

You may also seek compensation for SMC.  

In general, SMC is for 3 things:

1.  Loss of use of a body part or organ.  

2.  Being substantially confined to your premises, and unable to leave the house to go to work.  (SMC S, aka "housebound").  Its around an extra $450 per month if awarded SMC S.  

3.  Aid and Attendance.  If you need some help (even a family member) to do your ADL's (activities of daily living), then you would be eligible for A and A.  A and A is a higher level than SMC S.  

4.  If you apply for additional benefits, and are awarded, for example, a single 100 percent rating for PTSD, then you would almost certainly qualify for statutory housebound.  (100 percent, plus an additional 60 percent, seperate and distinct) qualifies you for SMC S statuatory housebound.  

    I suggest you browse through this list, and if you have one or more of these, apply.  


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