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Bva decision

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I was awarded a claim for hypertensive heart disease by the Bva about 4 years ago. It was sent back to regional office for rating. They rated me # 60%. The effective date of claim is 2011. I have a couple of other issues I would like to file for. Hypothyroidism, and knee replacement. I'm just concerned about the regional office trying to lower my rating. 

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Within last 4 years I have filed on my own successful claims and appeals for

1. OSA Sleep Apnea secondary to long term Nam PTSD and VA PTSD medications that was granted on appeal to BVA.

2. Increase in my VN AO heart disease from 30 to 60% that again was granted by the BVA on appeal. 

3. VARO grant of 60% for GERD due to long term PTSD and long term use of VA medications.  QTC examiner gave me a favorable opinion/DBQ on this.

4. 10% for Tinnitus granted by VARO and based on QTC audiologist recommendation/test.

5. 0% for HTN High Blood Pressure due to Nam AO exposure and granted by VARO after a QTC interview.

6. SMC-S with 3 years backpay automatically granted by the BVA favorable appeals decision on heart disease increase and before that OSA Sleep Apnea claim approval.

7.  In 2017 VARO granted me an initial 30% rating for VN AO heart disease due to Agent Orange exposure.

Since 1998 I have been P&T TDIU (100% pay) and now a final combined 100% P&T rating with SMC-S award.

I have felt no fear of reduction in filing for all these disability claims because I had strong medical evidence to support all the claims and appeals.

Key words are strong medical and/or other evidence to support your claim/s.

What one vet can do other vets can usually do. Good luck going forward.

My comment is not legal advice as I am not a lawyer, paralegal or VSO.


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