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Essential tremors

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Ken Dillon


Currently I'm right at 100% permanently and totally I had a recently reward for essential tremors at 0% question is the reason I got 0% is because I am at 100%.?

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No they would not rate you at 0% because you were already at 100%.

You would be rated that on the basis of how they rated it.

How VA Rates Essential Tremors

VA rates essential tremors according to 38 CFR § 4.124a, Schedule of Ratings – Neurological Conditions and Convulsive Disorders – Diagnostic Code 8515.  The rating criteria, based on “paralysis of,” are as follows:

  • 70/60% – complete; the hand inclined to the ulnar side, the index and middle fingers more extended than normally, considerable atrophy of the muscles of the thenar eminence, the thumb in the plane of the hand (ape hand); pronation incomplete and defective, absence of flexion of index finger and feeble flexion of middle finger, cannot make a fist, index and middle fingers remain extended; cannot flex distal phalanx of thumb, defective opposition and abduction of the thumb, at right angles to palm; flexion of wrist weakened; pain with trophic disturbances
  • 50/40% – incomplete severe
  • 30/20% – incomplete moderate
  • 10/10% – incomplete mild

Importantly, the higher evaluation is given when the paralysis, or essential tremors, affects the dominant arm, hand, etc.

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So if you are rated at 0% then you would be rated as having the condition but it not being disabling.  

From the sounds of it you think they got it wrong?  Sounds like you might need to appeal if you feel it should be higher.

Also make sure you read your awards letter before you do anything to understand why they rated it that way.

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Your next pay increase would be 100% plus an additional unrelated 60%. The "S" award.

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Ken Dillon was your ETs directly service connected or service connected secondary/due to another service connected medical condition and were you treated in service for essential or any tremors???

I ask this question because I was diagnosed as having benign essential tremors by private doctor and placed on medication Primidone now for 5 years.

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