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What Do Gaf Numbers Mean?

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Can someone tell me what the GAF numbers mean? I have the following diagnosis:

Axis I= MDD, recurrent

Panic disorder

AxisII= Defered

Axis III= Chronic back pain

cervical DDD

Lumber DDD

Neck Pain





Axis IV= Ineffective coping skils

History of Relational problems

Limited social skills

Axis V= GAF+60

I know all that is listed in Axis III, but not the rest. All help will be appreciated. I have just recently filed claim for my back, tinnitus, neck, and depression.

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You have to look at the GAF in context of overall picture of emotional/mental functioning. A GAF of 60 usually means a moderate level of functioning. That means a rating of about 30% if it is for SC condition. This is not hard and fast rule. If you have severe panic or major depression a GAF of 60 is not appropriate. If you don't leave the house due to panic disorder then your GAF is way out of line. Do you have a private shrink. I trust the VA not at all.

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GAF is short for Global Assessment Function. Its pretty much an opinion of how you fit into your world and can you function but it is an opinion.

To the VA 60+ is not going to do much as far as a rating maybe 0% to 30%.

We would have a better idea if you would tell us how you are doing. Can you work? Can you hold a job if you do work? How do you get along with friends and families?

What do you think should be your rating?

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On second though anyone with panic disorder and a 60+ GAF is not being honest with their Doc or the Doc who did the Assessment is full of beans.

I think that you got a bad C&P

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One bad panic attack and you know the meaning of fear and disability. When they hit you out of the blue more than once a day you probably should be 100%. It puts you in a permanent crouch waiting for the next attack.

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