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    • Well, any appointment you have upcoming on your Ebennies site you can call and discover the details if you haven't received your letter at that time. I dont ever remember someone from the VA on the phone telling me no they can't accomodate my requests. Talk to people, you would be suprised how many are actually trying to help.
    • Well, all 4 of my C&Ps were done outside of the VA. 👿  I didnt know the option to choose was even possible.    I'll be checking E-bene today hoping for an update.
    • When i'm asked to do a C&P i call and make sure it's scheduled with a VA doc and not an outside contractor. I'm still young and healthy enough to not to need constant care. I don't use my Choice, because that isn't in the "system". I didn't serve long enough to qualify for Healthcare until after i received my 50% SC
    • ADodge, I am picturing you as the frog that choking the Heron that is trying to eat it! You just keep that death grip on the "Heron's" throat and don't let go!!! Semper Fi
    • Hi Everyone! First, thank you to everyone through March and April that helped me through the TKR and temp 100% process! At the advice of many here, my doctors, and my VSO I filed for 2 claims secondary to my right knee. I filed SC for my left knee because the doctors expressed concern over my left knee for a TKR before the right, at that time my right knee was the only condition that was SC'd so I did the right knee and currently I am on temp 100. At the end of April I filed for SC for my left knee and for my lower back, which are the conditions that have been noted by the VA doctor. I had my C&P at the end of May, my VSO says that the C&P notes are favorable to me (good news right)? Today I checked the claim to see where it was at and it says, Pending decision approval, and then in the information needed is says VA medical center by 8/29/16, I looked at upcoming appointments and it shows that there was one appointment requested today 7/30/16. There is no doubt that my left knee is connected to my right, I have compensated on my left for years due to the pain and awkward gait of my right to the point that I have a really bad gait on my left now, and very limited movement without alot of pain, which the examiner was very concerned about. My lower back, my back hurts in what I assume is due to walking so funny because of knees and limits my ability for bending and picking up items. I filed for my dependents to be added and that was completed in May, however at that time the didnt pay me for one month because my son (who's a college student) was on spring break, my VSO went back and forth and finally the rater agreed it should of been paid, so that does show as a pending disability. Could the pending decision approval be for that one month? Although when they were approved and added  as a dependents they were not a claim for disability it was a dependent claim and didnt really show up underclaims, and there wasnt away to see the status of that the way there is to see the claim for disability. SO there was no pending decision approval or notification status for dependents at all??? How can I possibly be at pending decision approval with another request for what I am assuming is a C&P? Does this mean that they have decided on one of the conditions and wants more info for another? Is it possible that it will stay in pending decision approval until they receive the 2nd C&P results? Or is it probably in approval for the 1 month they didnt pay me on my dependent?


Va Meds By Mail Still Sucks.

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Here I sit in the never never land of my xanax being 1 week late on a wednesday to it will be 9 days Friday and 12 days before the VA will accept a complaint and another 3 to 10 days to get it. Or if they lost it or it was stolen I will have to borrow from next months which always seems to be their answer to the problem they caused.

Instead I think I will call my HMO Doc and ask him to write a half presecription but still call VA and ask whats up.

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I've had relatively good success with mail-order meds, but have had problems with providers updating them/inputting them. In that case, I do as you suggest and go to my Family Doc.

Also, CVS has given me a few pills (if I turn in the bottle) to hold me over until mail order shows up.

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It is probably due to the holiday. My meds were actually 7 days late. I did have a hell of a time getting my pain meds via private doctors because Florida has reputation as prescription drug depot for drug dealers. All this means is that if you are honest it makes it harder and more expensive to get pain meds. My pain meds in August were filled on August 3rd. In September they were not filled until September 7th plus two days to get them to me. What is the excuse for that? They are just lazy and incompetent idiots. In Florida you can't just go to your favorite pharmacy and get xanax or percoset. Last time I could not get a private pharmacy to fill my percoset script. The ones that would fill it wanted cash. Perhaps I will go to pain pill mill I know about and just jump through the hoops so I don't have to depend on the VA.

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The plot thickens. Last week it showed on Myhealthevet that the prescription had been filled and I reordered last thursday. Today myhelathevet is showing another date and the 800 number sold me what prescription my next prescription is due to be mailed out Oct 12th. The operator asked if I would hold and I did as wife and I headed out to VA. She than told me it would be mailed out sometime this week but could not give me anymore than that. I was in car almost to VA when she told me this.

So I went to VA and back to pharmacy and a nice guy went back and checked on things. He came back and told me that it was mailed from Dallas Monday cause of the screwups.

Hate to tell you all but your local pharmacy has nothing to do but fill new prescriptions. The VA has centralized all the mails by med for better efficiency .

They have a new 800 number

800 983 0933 8am to 4;30 pm CST. Good luck better keep an eye on these guys off to a bad start with me and I hate to be misinformed.

We will see if I get my xanax I am worried and concerned. May be an issue to bring up with shrink next week.

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I remember you having a problem like this several times in the past,

hopefully you will get the RX today or tomorrow.

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Not today and if not tomorrow I will go back to VA on Friday.

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