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    • Check out this article on PTSD Stressors
    • According to some congressional report I have read in the past, there are 10 veterans with IU that are in there 90's. And if its the VA counting, then there is proabably more. The bottom line would be that your service connected disabilities prevent you from working regardless of age. Thats my thoughts, Hamslice  
    • I bet they thanked you. If that VA settlement was your main source of money, then, from what I understand, could have gotten off the hook for nothing if ANY pay is from a disability or injury. But I see how closely they follow you every 4 months so they can make you freak out for a quick payoff. Depending on your balance, an applicable lawyer would only be a percentage of what they save you (I better start looking for a lawyer too after I talk to my accountant.)  It's easy to understand what you mean about being clear and free, but I owe others who helped me in hard times: and not loan companies charging ridiculous high interest rates most jobs could not realistically pay back easily. Education in Recessions are a scam, pure and simple. So in my particular situation, I'm going to research mine thoroughly. People are getting off who are defaulting on loans in hardship cases, so I'm going to hold on to my tax free earnings with a tight fist. In effect, you gave them approximately 130% of what you paid them, when you include tax benefits. I know everyone's situation is different though. ************************************************** For example: "Insolvency Exclusions" (that's me!) Of course it might not be exactly this simple, nor be 100% of tax, and it might be exactly what both your accountants did! http://abcnews.go.com/Business/cancelled-student-loan-debt-creates-tax-nightmare/story?id=16086241 Another option, the insolvency exclusion, which requires debtors to be insolvent immediately prior to the discharge, may have allowed her to avoid paying taxes on some or all of the $91,000 of CODI.  https://www.irs.gov/uac/what-if-i-am-insolvent What if I am insolvent? A taxpayer is insolvent when his or her total liabilities exceed his or her total assets. The forgiven debt may be excluded as income under the "insolvency" exclusion. Normally, a taxpayer is not required to include forgiven debts in income to the extent that the taxpayer is insolvent.  ********************************************************** There is some decent initial research anyway. ymmv.
    • For anyone following my post hoping to get a timeline cradle to grave. No change, as of today. I'm still in the 3rd phase Gathering Evidence "dust", requested documents overdue.
    • What expert title did your examiner have? Neurologist, psychiatrist,.. ? I didn't have a C&P, but I had an introductory neuro-physical and TBI questions exam like you with my new second health care provider Neurologist in the TBI department. I get my CT scan next week, but yours was an exam, so it sounds like you are done. They are just curious as am I about my CT scan, and they are not doing any radioactive dye mediums. It's too late now to do anything for either of us now, and your scare is all they need to see along with your questions. I hope you are feeling better Saxman! If you have a TBI department at your hospital, you should get your health care provider to sign you up to a second TBI HCP and TBI Case worker! They help you get anything you want and fight the rest of the hospital for you. It's just a thought: you have earned it! Peace.

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Qtc Exam Question

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On Wednesdays SVR show Dr. Bash discussed the problems some vets have had in obtaining copies of their QTC C & P exam results from the VA before any RO decision has been made on their claim.He had another serious concern as to QTC reports that could reveal additional medical issues which might need immediate medical care. We are trying to find out why this is a problem.

Yesterday QTC told me that, once the exam is done by QTC and approved, it is sent to “ ExamTrack” (probably a VA PC program) and then uploaded to VA and this often takes only 3-4 weeks.At that point the exam is owned by the VA and QTC has no ability to release it themselves to any claimant.


Has anyone here had problems getting a copy of their QTC exam from the VA?

If so can you tell me what VA sent to you -as far as indicating a reason why they could not release the report?

Were you able, only after a decision had been made on your claim, to then obtain a copy of it?

Has anyone's vet rep here been able to obtain the QTC exam copy directly from VA for you?

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I did a little research here and just found this:

“You can get a copy of the C&P from QTC like this.....

a week or two after your exam, contact your local VSO rep. If they have access to Virtual VA, QTC has to attach a copy of the exam results to the bill that they submitted to the VA. Your Rep can print the exam result from there. At least that is how it worked for me and I was able to get my results, I believe, much faster then most.

Travis “

Has anyone else here used this approach as well as Travis to obtain copy of your QTC exam?

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With the VA, its almost always about nepotism. With one particular "ROI" lady, that I had built a good rapport with, I got my medical records released pronto. With others, they usually promised to mail me the copies, after I signed a ROI form...then they never arrived.

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I got a copy of my first Qtc C&P exam at the regional office shortly after the exam since I was there for TRP program twice a week in Houston. Until thursday, I haven't been down there since November. A 116 mile commute one way. I went to Varo front desk and she printed copy of my Qtc C&P exam right then.

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Thanks for that info-

I have been talking to Dr. Bash about this issue but really havent seen too many problems mentioned by vets on the net about it lately.

When QTC started doing C & Ps years ago, there were problems if the vet went to their VAMC to try to get the exam but their VAMCs would not have the QTC exam and as you verified , you got at at the VA Regional Office.

The QTC person I spoke to told me they always direct vets with a QTC question about getting their exam to the 800#.

I will call 800# on Monday to see how they handle QTC exam questions from vets.

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I have always wondered if the report that the QTC Doctor submits gets changed by the VA to suit their needs. One exam that I took just did not match what was on the report. Another exam, parkinson, was performed by a GP with no experience in this disease. He had to have an office worker to tell him how to do the exam. My wife thought the office worker was the doctor and the GP was in training.

It would usually take 2 to 3 months to get copies.


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