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  1. If a veteran is awarded 100% P&T SMC S, how likely is it that they will be notified by VA for a review or another C&P exam?
  2. Hello from the Deep East Texas Pineywoods!
  3. Moderators if this is in the wrong forum please move to correct forum. Center point retreats formerly The Women's Wilderness Institute is conducting a series of three six- day recovery retreats for women combat Veterans and combat active duty personnel in 2015. These retreats are funded by the Readjustment Counseling Services (sub agency of the Department of Veterans Affairs) and will be free of charge including airfare, for eligible women combat Veterans and combat women active duty personnel. This is a wonderful opportunity for women combat Veterans who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Global War on Terrorism campaigns and who are actively in the process of transitioning to civilian life. The retreats are nourishing, educational, and healing, and provide a peaceful and supportive natural environment for combat Veterans to reconnect with others, to learn specific, body centered tools for recovery from PTSD or chronic stress, and to re-orient towards a fulfilling life of ease and satisfaction. Unfortunately the Colorado trip is past and the deadline has been met for the Maine trip, but the California trip will give qualified candidates plenty of time to prepare. May 10-15 Colorado June 14-19 Maine Nov 8-13 Southern California For eligibility requirements and to download an application: http://www.centerpointretreats.org/2015-retreats/ I am departing on May 14, 2015 and will return on May 19, 2015 and this trip is to Sebago Lake, Maine ... about an hour west of Portland, Maine. If you google Veterans's Retreats there are quite a few retreats for male and female veterans.
  4. I can relate to your frustrations with travel pay. At the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical center in Houston, TX they have the travel window and also the Kiosk for travel pay. Good advice: use the windo for service! It usually hits my bank in 4 or five days. I used the kiosk once and it took 2 weeks to appear in my bank account.
  5. VSR is probably Veteran Service Records?
  6. I have the $10,000 life insurance with the waiver of the premium. And I also took out the additional $30,000 (20 Payment Life ) policy which is the Supplemental Service-Disabled Insurance (SRH). Contact: Toll Free (1800-669-8477) Website & E-mail (www.insurance.va.gov)
  7. I can see where the letter would be confusing. I received the same letter with the exact same wording as above and I AM Tdiu with SMC. So there is hope! Good Luck!
  8. Congratulations! I was awarded 100% IU P&T with SMC S a few years ago and as a single veteran is $3253.67.
  9. I had quit work Oct 1, 2010, then I applied for SSDI a week later. I was awarded four months later in Feb 2011 but couldn't draw until April 2011 which was the 6 month waiting period. I had filed for VA disability in Jan 2011 and was awarded 80% in May 2012 with some items deferred. My second Big Brown Envelope I received in Oct and then My third BBE in December awarding me SMC S.
  10. I still here hanging around. It's cold here today in Texas!
  11. A change that has taken place at my local VA outpatient clinic is frequent urinalysis testing. I had a urinalysis test in October and then again yesterday. I was expecting them to draw blood so I fast only to arrive at the lab and they handed me two cups. They stated one was for opiate testing (I am prescribed Hydrocodone 10/325) and the other cup was for illicit drugs. The lab tech informed me that everyone with these prescriptions are getting these test.
  12. Justrluk, I was never told that I had to stick to a list. The main concern is to find a Dentist who accepts Fee Basis. This past Friday I also received my consult paperwork allowing me to see a local chiropractor. I took the paperwork over today and have an appointment on Tuesday Oct. 21. I am sc for my back and cervical spine. Good Luck!
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