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  1. LongRider, My daughter is Bipolar and does she take the medication. She has her ups and downs. She is becoming more stable after many years of various drugs and shock treatments. She is on 100% Total Disability from Social Security and will be for the rest of her life. Some days she is fine and other days she is not. I think that after she got in with the right psychiatrist, he turned things around for her. Hang in there and you will find the right medication to make your life worth living also and you will be able to drive that new car also. Josephine
  2. LongRider, You got that one right! She is all Va. and nothing else. She is just as deceitful as the rest of the bunch, guess that is one of the criteria of the postion. Josephine
  3. John999, Thanks for your reply. I took that IMO and shredded it to pieces. I figured he thought that I was stupid enough to turn it in. I think that he knew exactly what he was doing, as he bragged too much of his residency at a Va. Hospital. He knew that he took my money and gave me nothing in return. He was just a stuck- up jerk! I am going to go on with my claim with the Va. Psycholgoist with More likely than not and the letter my treating doctor in service. I know that it has been 42 years since I saw him, but I babysit for him and his wife and when I called him, he remembered me, as he assisted me with my early discharge. I mailed him his military records, and he wrote me back a letter that he did indeed treated me with caffergot for headaches and librium for my nerves and sent me to the two physiciatrist, Comptenency Review Board. I know that my doctor of 28 years is a Board Certified Internist, but I still feel that he is qualified to treat my anxiety. Not one of the doctors has not placed me as an Axis 1 - Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The Board of Psychaitrist, where the one doctor would not sign the lady doctors lies, I am hoping will come through for me. As the Psychologist stated" We are not telling them anything that they don't already know." It is just a game! The Management Center is due to send my claims file back to the two of them to reconcile their differences sometime this month and hope to have an answer shortly. Again, thanks for all the help from everyone on this site. I belonged with the same name as Josephine on the old site. I am like a sponge and take in everything that someone says. Josephine
  4. Long Rider, Hope that you get a million! I went to a Board Certified Psychiatrist. Stated that he did his residency at a Va hospital and knew exactly what I needed. He stated that after 42 years he could not say with any certainty if anxiety started in service or not. He would not add that he had my SMS's either. Axis 1 - Chronic Anxiety Disorder Axis 2 _ Axis 3 _ Axis 4 - Appears veteran remembers things too well to not be true Axis 5 - Gaf - 60 Stated that fear of death in the swimmimg pool could have caused PTSD, but very rare! That was the extend of his IMO. I never turned it in to the Va. Josephine
  5. Longrider, Not wishing to sound as stupid as I feel. What is a EED? When my niece comes to my home, She is a Supervisor of the DRO'S, she dares me to get out any Va papers. Josephine
  6. Berta For the remand that I sent the docket number for. I answered every paragraph and item number of the remand and sent it all the The Management Center. I have not sent anything to the Regional Office. I placed a waiver in my claims file, forbidding the Regional Office from touching my file or making any decisions. I notice that each person that post on this site, appears to be a lawyer or way advanced in the laws of the Va. My niece is a Supervisor of the DRO'S. which is why my file was transferred to another state, and I am dumb to everything that the VA does. I have ask her countlesss questions and get no where. Absolutely no where! She is all VA. I am hoping the lady psychaitrist will back off or I will hope for another C&P. I ask for another one for 9 nines after that, but the Regional Office refused. They stated in their Supplemental Statement of the Case. They knew that I did not agree with the examination, but it was good enough for rating. I don't understand my claim, because I filed in 1978 and didn't get a chance to do anything. I re-filed in 2002 and was automatically denied, but received a pension. I turned in the psychiatric records and the letter from the Commanding Officer and received a Statement of the Case which said as things were to date, it appeared that I would not be eligible for benefits due to the personality disorder. The DRO also stated that this was not his final decision and that He was sending me a form 9 to return in 60 days and that I was being scheduled for a C&P Examination. This was all in one letter. After the examination of more likely than not and that mental illness did not run in my family. They hurried and transferred me out. Four months later I went to that Board of two Psychiatrist. They said that nothing bothered me in service and being that the doctors would not allow anyone to be present during the examination, I ask for another one, but received a Supplemental Statement of the Case 9 months later and now I am at the Management Center. Thanks for putting up with me again. Josephine
  7. What is a VCAA Notice and who sends it to you and what does it say and what does it look like. Should it be listed on your remand from the BVA , when you are at the Management Center? Josephine
  8. Hoppy. I am going to continue to fight them. I am sure that they are waiting for me to give up, but what have I got to lose by hanging in. They are not affecting me at all. With my age, I am sure that they thought that I would, but I feel that we are playing a game of Chess and one of is going to holler "Check Mate"! Josephine
  9. Berta, I wrote to the St. Louis Archives and secured for the BVa all of the Personel Records that they had on me. They said that they had no more medical records, for the BVa had all in my claims file. The BVa cannot understand how my mental and psychiatric records and the letter from the commanding Officer were never secured or even asked for by the R.O on all of my filing dates. When I ask the R.O where they were , they thought that I was crazy. They said the records were complete. That would have been in 2003 and I immediately wrote to the archives and they sent me the compentency review board records of two psychiatist and the commanding officer. I immediately turned them into the R.O and my claims file was re-opened back to my first filing date. I was immediately sent a Statement of the Case which stated," this is not the DRO's final decision with a form 9, which I had to fill out within 60 days which I did, but was notified of the C&P with the Phychologoist in 2004. He connected me to service with Generalized Anxiety.Josephine
  10. Finally in boot Camp I was classified as a class C swimmer. After being jerked out of class for weeks, Doris and I had to go to that darn olympic pool. I have no ideal of which one of us was the most terrified. They made us jump from the high dive into the pool and believe me there was no one around to save us. I drank more water and enough to do me for months. The last time that I saw Doris she was lying on the right side of the pool not breathing and they ordered me to leave. I never saw her again. They gave up on me and showed me how to float down the pool and screaming at me all the time. Missing SMR'S. I was discharged by a compentency review board with the assistance of Dr. B. and with a letter from my commanding officer, and a chaplain. this would have been in 1964. I filed for benefits in 1978 and the Va did not ask for any mental of psychiatric records and did not secure any. They state that I filed again in 1992, not true. This never happened. I filed again in 2002 and was turned down again, but was given a pension of 100% disability in 2003. I then wrote to the St. Louis Archives and ask about the Compentency Review Board Hearing and any mental records on me. They sent them to me and they said that the R.O had never requested these records. The BVA is wanting a search to see if there are any more records and there are not. Dr. B wrote the letter 40 years after discharge, as I called him and send to him all of his military sick bay records and the letters by the physchiatrist on that board. My sick bay records state that he gave me caffergot for a headache. librium for nerves and assisted me with my early discharge. He is not telling the Va anything that they didn't have a record of themselves. I left servive taking librium, and started it again in 1967 - 3 years after dishcharge. I could not take these meds as I was pregnaant. Dr. L the lady Psychiatrist lied and falsfied my medical records on the military and civilian side. The remand states. 7. After the above development has been completed, the veteran's claims file should returned to the board of VA psychiatrists who participated in the April 2005 examination for clarification of the provided opinion. They should be requested to review the record and reconcile their opinion as to etiology in light of the evidence added since their examination of the veteran, including the May 2005 statement of Dr. B C. and the January 2006 statement of Dr. M. P. I have not and will say again, never been diagnosed for a personality disorder of any kind, with 42 years of medical records at the BVA. just Dr. L. the lady Psychiatrist. She took a textbook and placed me in it with eating disorder, instead of severe diabetic. self inflicted injuries. not true. It goes on and on with her lies. She can answer to the BVA or the Board of Medicine why she falsified my records. Thanks, Josephine
  11. Berta, Thanks I am not filing for PTSD. I am filing for acquired psychiatric disorder. I did not have anxiety before service and this is the main reason for the letter from my Pastor. I have a buddy letter for the abuse in service and the last C&P examination, it was stated, I received an early discharge by reasons of unsuitability and things indicative of abuse. I never took a nerve pill before service and began the librium in service until discharge and have been taking them ever since. I will never say that "Doris" is my stressor. I am stating my stressor is my own fight to pass the swimming classes and the physical abuse or assault as one would call it that took place in service. The letter from Dr. C was to state that he had read his medical records and that he did indeed gave me a tranqulisher in service and started my early discharge. Administration did not want to give me a disability discharge at 19. Had I not babysit for Dr. C. and his wife, I am sure that he would have never remembered me after 40 years. Josephine
  12. Hoppy, Thanks so much. I checked out the personality site and the anxiety disorder. The first C&P was done by a VA Psychologist and he stated more likely than not. Generalized Anxiety. My treating physician of 28 years calls it chronic anxiety and the two Psychiatrist state Axis 1 Generalized Anxiety. The male and senior Psychiatrist would not sign the C&P that was authored by the female psychiatrist. There is not one shred of medical evidence to back up any of her personality opinion of me. My physician of 28 years states that she is patently incorrect. Before joining Navy, I was a great pianist by note and since service. my hands sweat so badly from fear that water runs down to my elbows. Every doctor that I have seen as made mention of this several times, even the lady psychiatrist. I was a corpman in service and was treated at my last duty station with librium and caffergot. My treating physician set me up with a competency review board of physchiatrist for an early discharge, after being in service for one year and 3 months. The commanding officer wrote a letter for discharge and I saw a Chaplain. My phychiatric medical records were never seen by the VA until 2004, when I secured them from the archives. Josephine
  13. John, Is a discharge for emotional instability treated in service with librium and caffergot always a personality disorder in the eyes of the va or can it be a psychiatric disorder. This part is confusing. I have the 460 code for a discharge, but no one in service or all the physicians treating me for the last 42 years has ever mentioned that I had any type of personality disorder. The Board of Physichiatrist stated on their examination findings that it appears that she did not acquire a chronic physicatric disorder in service and that my primary systems appeared to be borderline personality. Histronian. I am not sure on that spelling, but when all was said and done the senior psychiatrist would not sign the examinaton. The lady psychiatrist falsfied my records and not in her interpretation. she changed the wording of the doctors. surely this is not allowed. If she had not changed my medical records, she could have never given me the diagnosis that she did and then gave me an Axis 1 of Anxiety. Axis 2 Borderline histrorian. Gaf of 40. That one is nonsense. I am no where in the 40 Gaf. I feel like they are trying to make a moron out of me, but they have not succeeded yet. I don't think? Thanks, Josephine
  14. Thanks Berta, No way that I can locate anything about Doris. I do not know her last name. I always knew her by Doris. I do have a buddy letter to the abuse of the physicians though. I have never filed for PTSD, although I know that may be what anxiety is called today. Have a good one and many thanks, Josephine
  15. Berta, Read this with a grain of salt. My first psychaitrist, I located from The Board of Medicine was declared unsafe to practive and had to give up his license. The National level of The American legion gave me the doubt law to place into my file. My representative is in another state and he had to take disability and now I have another one, but my claims file was already at the BVA when the new one took over. I can credit The National Level of The American Legion for directed me this far. Thanks, Josephine. )
  16. I saw that someone ask this question earlier- What is the basis for Veterans Affairs law? The statutes governing VA law are set forth in Title 38 of the United States Code, while the regulations implementing these regulations are in Tile of the 38 Code of Federal Regulations.. In addition, further directions for implementing the program are in the Administrative Procedure Manual M21-1. The General Counsel has issued formal interpretations of some of these laws, and there is court precedent from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) and from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. All of these resources are online. [b]My question is how do you find this on line? I was a member of the older site, but am having a time learning how to post and reply on this new one? . Thanks so much for your help. Josephine
  17. Thanks a bunch, Frank. I am taking in everything that is being said to me. I appreciate your time and your knowledge. Seems that we have quite a bit in common with the years. Josephine
  18. Berta, Yes the BVA and The Appeals Management Center have everything. I think they are having a problem with my Psychiatric Records being in the St. Louis Archives for the last 40 years and the letter of discharge from my Commanding Officers. It is not my fault that they did not get these records in 1978. I do not have one medical record of the last 42 years that state that I have a personality disorder or have ever been treated for one. Yes, I agree that is where they are trying to place me, but I don't see how they can continue the personality thing, when my physician wrote the the Va. Lady Psychiatrist, who authored the C&P was patently incorrect with her facts and that I definitely did not have a personality disorder. I was given an Axis 1 - Generalized Anxiety and Axis 2- borderline personality disorder. She states that it appears that I did not have an an anxiety problem in service. She gave me a GAF of 40 and I know better than that. I told her that my treating physician in service helped me to secure an early discharge and that he set up the psychiatric visits and she didn't believe me. I looked up his telephone number, as I babysit for him and his wife at this duty station until my discharge. Do you have any ideal why both members of the Board of Psychaitrist did not sign the C&P examination? Aren't they susposed to. The remand states when all information is gathered the claims file should return to the two psychiatrist for them to reconcile their opinion. The Va Psychologist gave me a more likely than not with unemployable since 1983. I need all the help that I can get. Thanks so much, Josephine
  19. At times I feel like quitting and maybe I should, but I can't. My case is a very long one. I filed for service connected benefits in 1978 and was immediately denied. I did not get a rating statement of the case or anything. To make this short. I decided to re-file in 2002 for service connection for anxiety. I received a penion and a denial. I immediately wrote to the St. Louis Archives and secured all of my Psychiatric Records, and a letter from The Commanding Officer, which the Va did not bother to get. I turned them in and received a C&P with a more likely than not. Being that my niece is a DRO in that Regional Office, my file was immediately transferred to another Regional Office. I waited for a decision and was sent a notice of my clinic appointment date. When I arrived at the Hospital, I was given a C&P Examination by two psychiatrist, male and female. The write up was no more than slander to me and my medical records had been changed. The male did not sign, but the lady doctor did. She stated that nothing in service bothered me. After being called a liar and a few things, I wrote to the doctor that treated me in service and sent him his medical records. He wrote back that he treated me with tranquilizers for anxiety. I ask repeatedly for a new examination, but did not get one. I am now at the management center. The remand states for my claims file to go back to the two psychiatrist for them to reconcile their difference. How much more do they need? I was treated in service with librium for anxiety and saw two navy psychiatrist and was discharged with emotional instability code 460. The BVA wants to know why I received an early discharge? I began Librium again in 1967 and have been treated for anxiety ever since. They have my doctors letter, stating in his opinion my anxiety began its origin in service, they have the letter by my treating physician in service, the opinion of their Va Psychologist and a letter from a buddy of abuse that I endured in service. The remand asked for so little, another letter from my physician, and a search of my personnel records and medical records in the event that there are other records out there not turned in. I have been at this for several years now. Shouldn't they soon have to give me a yes or no? Thanks Josephine
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