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  1. Thanks much and I suppose there is one somebody holding this one up. No note then on when this might be taken up again?
  2. Yes I have been service connected and am receiving a monthly temporary 100% with a disabled parking permit. But I cannot know if that will be extended. Separate Question: Is there a way to know this?
  3. Ok so from what you said about "essential" ( If your HBP has been deemed by VA in the past as "essential" you can make the same point I did-to the Secretary- 'essential HBP' means there is no known cause or etiology, but due to the NAP report , Vietnam Veterans now have a cause.  ), I ran back through my records and I am not at all sure that the phrase I found in my records as follows means anything at all, but here is what I found among other phrasings, " Essential hypertension" but it was with these other statements dated May of 2017, just a month prior to my radical protastectomy surgery for prostate cancer; Disorder of the peripheral nervous syste Shoulder strain (ICD-9-CM 840.9) Essential hypertension (SCT 59621000) Family history of cancer (SCT 275937001) Neck swelling (ICD-9-CM 784.2) Foot pain (ICD-9-CM 729.5) Arthritis, Psoriatic (ICD-9-CM 696.0) Psoriasis (ICD-9-CM 696.1) Pain in joint involving ankle and foot PSH: right rotator cuff repair Could this help me gain an AO connection for HBP with boots on the ground then?
  4. I am rated at 100% temporary for going on 21 months now. They have not attempted to reduce it, but it wouldn't surprise me. One way they are attempting to reduce it is by offering to implant a artificial urinary sphincter. But the last visit was with a physician and surgeon who said she disagreed with my last VA doctor. And I don't want it. I have been granted a temporary Disabled Parking Permit which will come up for renewable or not at the end of September. I am also with a 5 sq inch scar from the radical protastectomy, ED and incontinence post surgery.
  5. Well I can try. Clear this up for me, cause all I can find on the acronym of 'AO' is Administrative Officer. But I don't think that's what you meant when you said " But, as Berta said, you can dig up a lot of evidence connecting htn and AO, including the report," was it?
  6. Berta and GBArmy, what are your thoughts on bringing the form along with me to a VA doctor to fill out on my next visit? Form: http://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-21-0960A-3-ARE.pdf
  7. Berta, Very informative, but if I may, as to the letter inserted to Secretary Robert Wilkie: Would a letter worded as such be accompanied by the form titled, HYPERTENSION DISABILITY BENEFITS QUESTIONNAIRE, OMB Approved No. 2900-0776 Respondent Burden: 15 Minutes Expiration Date: 03/31/2021 Or would I let the doctor fill this out? And in asking this would it be best to ask my VA Specialty Care Doctor or an outside doctor? Many Thanks, I have missed on the burning and pain in my feet, since Basic Training, and do not want to miss on this one. I was exposed to the chemical Agent Orange numerous times as a truck driver in VietNam. I would drive by the Nippipal, as we called it, in the morning and by the afternoon it was completely wilted, that's how strong it was sprayed by helicopter.
  8. Yes I was boots on the gorund from 1968 to 1968 and was definitely exposed. Thank you so much Mrpdbo I really appreciate your time and the link, most helpful. You have a great evening.
  9. No C&P? But you went outside with medicare? So a private doctor overrides the VA doctor? I guess I cannot prove that while in Basic training and AIT I do not have elevated BP, so far and I'm still digging. Not familiar with DBQ.
  10. Thanks guys, that helps a lot. I can easily not take the meds a couple days before a BP test, as I regularly forget to take them at least once a week anyway, and on any given day now with meds I am wihin the past 3 weeks between 108 SYS to 147 SYS. I don't have a C&P exam coming up, but am more looking at which form to use to open that claim at myhealth.va, still haven't tried that but I hope its easy and intuitive.
  11. My hypertension started perhaps 10 years ago? I finished my term in VietNam in 1969. But so far, all I have found is 2018 with BP readings at and around 165/100/74 and the like. I see that the Diastolic is only in the 10% disability range, and with meds I am moving well below toward 144/103/86 down to 114/80/88 range. So with BP meds I am improving. So can I go back to before meds, if I can find the records on my cd, in order to Service Connect? And by the way, I have records show only from Basic training then nothing for Viet Nam, then again starting in 2010-ish? Still reading a huge volume on the cd
  12. Still waiting for a final determination on my Compensation. I've had a radical prostatectomy , rated at 100% (temporary) and have a diagnosed surgical scar and ED since following the operation mid-2017. I also have tinnitus at 10% Currently here is there wording: Total Combined Disability You have a 100% final degree of disability. This percentage determines the amount of benefit pay you will receive. And I have been receiving the amount for 17 months so far. So when I get a Permanent rating, if its not 100%..... My question is if they remove the 100% radical prostatectomy payment, will I not be able to keep the SMC (K-1) for scar and ED? And if so how will that calculate out?
  13. A friend who works for the DOI is not working and not yet being paid. If things fall into place like in the past, though we don't know that yet, he should (SHOULD) be paid retroactive, whether he works or not. But the interim is placing him in a difficult financial position, as he has already asked me if I would be able to make him a loan to cover expenses.
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