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  1. A friend who works for the DOI is not working and not yet being paid. If things fall into place like in the past, though we don't know that yet, he should (SHOULD) be paid retroactive, whether he works or not. But the interim is placing him in a difficult financial position, as he has already asked me if I would be able to make him a loan to cover expenses.
  2. Hi VietNamEraVet1969, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks Tbird/Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans
  3. I just used PayPal too and for a cause that we all benefit from. Thanks so much to Hadit
  4. If only that were the case Buck52, and of course it should be.
  5. I just received a letter, dated March 08/2018, stating the following word for word; Our records indicate that the information used to establish your benefits for VA Health care have recently changed and that you are now enrolled in Priority Group 1 effective 02/21/2018. Your unique eligibility factors are: 100% Service-connected Determined to be a Vietnam-era herbacide-exposed Veteran Your new copay, if applicable, and benefits information are provided on the reverse of this letter. Basic Medical Benefits Package--Yes Medications/Suplies--------------------Yes Dental------------------------------------------Yes then a note that Veterans paid at 100% rate based on a temporary ratiing, etc etc, are not eligible for comprehensive outpatient dental services. (I have just completed a 6 month temporary rating for prostate cancer and protastectomy surgery completely removing my prostate). Thought this would be important to include. VA Community Living Centers----Yes Medically Related Travel Benefoits-Yes Eyeglasses---------------------------------Yes Automobile Adaptive Equipment-under certain conditions Home Improvement------------------__under certain conditions Clothing Allowance Benefit______under certain conditions Emergency Care for non-service connected condition--under certain conditions Foreign Medical Care------------------Yes for service connected disabilities I should include that I just received my last payment for the 6 month temporary 100% disability for the prostate surgery on the 1st of the month. Then this letter showed up in today's mail. Does this not sound like they have gone ahead and given me a permanent 100% Priority Group 1 disability? Or is this a standard letter showing only the record of the temporary 100% rating from October 2017? I spent a year from December of 1968 to December of 1969, effectively all of 1969 in Camp Frenzell-Jones 199th LIB. If I've left any info out that would help you help me make a determination please just let me know. And yes of course I will follow up by calling Comp & Pen next week. Thank you for reading
  6. VietNamEraVet1969

    Intro To All That Care For Each Other

    Thanks for being there for all of us who need help along the way. I'm new and uninformed about the ways in disability, filling out forms and just saying howdy to all of you members, and may I say thank you for your service. I landed in Viet Nam and my first thought was, Holy crap if we're being shot at while landing we'll never make it out of here, but we did. And we did so by helping one another daily. It was a frustrating but worthwhile tour. Happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

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