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  1. Yes I understood your meaning and thank you for that, but I don't have any Service Connected conditions to tie my HBP to it.
  2. Roger that I think they have made a few changes for presumption claims, I know the blue water Navy guys/gals got approved for the A.O. Presumption and I think they did add a couple more conditions to A.0.List that is the Cause or related to A.O. Berta will know she keeps up with that and advocated for Blue Water Navy personal. I find it hard to believe that in time, hopefully sooner, that if off-shore personnel deserve it, certainly boots-on-the-ground personnel will too. I recall driving supply trucks out to the boonies, and on the way watching the C-130's spraying as we drove past and by the next day the fields of Nippipalm were eroding as if hit by a fire. Powerfully toxic chemical.
  3. Thanks Buc52, Nope I don't have any serviced-connected, SC, condition for hypertention or HBP. I am merely asking if after 2 years of posting this question, has there been any progress on the VA (Wilke) making it a presumptive condition to AO.
  4. Yes GBArmy, I was the original OP for the old post, and I have chosen to remain within that confine simply because it has a lot of info I can readily re-read as hopefully this one continues. I'd like to remain if you care to stick with it, I'd be most appreciative., thanks
  5. GBArmy I'll keep watching then as mine is still below their standards but its slowly climbing. Maybe they're waiting for me to reach their new levels.
  6. Yeah Uhuh, ok well I'm living proof, today anyway, that I can outlast them. But I may not be able to make that claim tomorrow
  7. Berta, or anyone....has there been any progress on the VA determining if HBP is now a presumptive, according to Secretary Wilke for Vietnam Veterans?
  8. Thanks much and I suppose there is one somebody holding this one up. No note then on when this might be taken up again?
  9. Yes I have been service connected and am receiving a monthly temporary 100% with a disabled parking permit. But I cannot know if that will be extended. Separate Question: Is there a way to know this?
  10. Ok so from what you said about "essential" ( If your HBP has been deemed by VA in the past as "essential" you can make the same point I did-to the Secretary- 'essential HBP' means there is no known cause or etiology, but due to the NAP report , Vietnam Veterans now have a cause.  ), I ran back through my records and I am not at all sure that the phrase I found in my records as follows means anything at all, but here is what I found among other phrasings, " Essential hypertension" but it was with these other statements dated May of 2017, just a month prior to my radical protastectomy surgery for prostate cancer; Disorder of the peripheral nervous syste Shoulder strain (ICD-9-CM 840.9) Essential hypertension (SCT 59621000) Family history of cancer (SCT 275937001) Neck swelling (ICD-9-CM 784.2) Foot pain (ICD-9-CM 729.5) Arthritis, Psoriatic (ICD-9-CM 696.0) Psoriasis (ICD-9-CM 696.1) Pain in joint involving ankle and foot PSH: right rotator cuff repair Could this help me gain an AO connection for HBP with boots on the ground then?
  11. I am rated at 100% temporary for going on 21 months now. They have not attempted to reduce it, but it wouldn't surprise me. One way they are attempting to reduce it is by offering to implant a artificial urinary sphincter. But the last visit was with a physician and surgeon who said she disagreed with my last VA doctor. And I don't want it. I have been granted a temporary Disabled Parking Permit which will come up for renewable or not at the end of September. I am also with a 5 sq inch scar from the radical protastectomy, ED and incontinence post surgery.
  12. Well I can try. Clear this up for me, cause all I can find on the acronym of 'AO' is Administrative Officer. But I don't think that's what you meant when you said " But, as Berta said, you can dig up a lot of evidence connecting htn and AO, including the report," was it?
  13. Berta and GBArmy, what are your thoughts on bringing the form along with me to a VA doctor to fill out on my next visit? Form: http://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-21-0960A-3-ARE.pdf
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