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  1. Yes I did experience a stressor, however when i was there the action was over. my unit relieved another unit.
  2. I have been going to the VA, have a psychiatrist there and also a counselor at the VetCenter. I never thought I had PTSD and never really considered it. I was very ignorant about the whole thing. Last week I got a copy of my MH records and the have me diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. My records show: Medical Problems: MHTC Dr. ...., MH TEAM (ICD-9-CM 799.9) PTSD (ICD-9-CM 309.81) Health Examination of Defined Subpopulations (ICD-9-CM V70.5) Arthralgia (ICD-9-CM 719.40) Male ED (ICD-9-CM 302.72) Depressive Disorder NOS (ICD-9-CM 311.) Other Malaise and Fatigue (ICD-
  3. The point system really confused me... How many point can one get? Do you get points for being in the gulf war? (something i read on the internet) Is 10 pts the max? RE: My separation pay. it wasn't for a medical discharge it was for the early out program. Do I still have to pay that back?
  4. Thanks Berta, Thanks Carlie, I will scan and post the decision when i get a chance. I will have to go to the library to use their scanner. Also will get the IMO from an independent audiologist. Texas veterans commission helped me when I first filled out my paperwork but I haven't been able to talk to anyone since then, every time I called they told me there is nothing they can do until a decision is reached. Just wondering am I eligible for any back pay since I filed way back in 1992? What kind of extra points for 'Gooberment' jobs? Should I wait until I actually start my jo
  5. Hi everybody I have been reading on here off and on and have recieved a wealth of info from this site. I filed this claim march 2011 for hearing loss, tinnitus, High cholesterol, low back pain, ankle pain from a fracture in 1989(VA says my medical record states it was a sprain) and also I filed for hip pain secondary to the ankle because i favor the other side. My story goes back to 1992 when I left active duty and I did file for the hearing loss, LBP, and ankle pain and stiffness but I never followed through and i moved several times. I have other problems(several GWI symptoms) that i have
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