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  1. I put in a FOIA request for my C-file back in March 2015. I expected to get a box or large envelope of documents. Instead this is what I received Friday. The CD is PDF and searchable, which I like. However, I am still missing service records from Desert Storm so maybe VA doesn't have them. Can anyone tell me another route to get them?
  2. Thanks all, I think that I saw something on the net one time about the bilateral factor. Has anyone heard of this. It would explain it to me if my bilateral plantar fasciitis was 33 instead of 30
  3. I recently receive a rating increase that says I am rated at 70% My ratings are as follows 30% Plantar fasciitis 30% IBS 10% Tinnitis 10% Lumbar strain 10% Ankle strain According to the tables and the VA calculator on Hadit.com this equals 64.279, which would round down to 60%. Am I missing something? Did VA make a mistake and will they come after the money eventually if they did? Thanks
  4. Hello all, I just recieved a letter stating that I was awarded 30% for IBS, I already had 2-10% ratings so my total is now 40% which it says in the letter. My question is when they do backpay how much should I get for 1 year(12 months). Will it be the $577X12=$6924 or will they subtract the (40%)$577-(20%)$258=$319 then ($319X12=$3828. Or will they do (30%)$400X12=$4800 Thanks
  5. Yes I did experience a stressor, however when i was there the action was over. my unit relieved another unit.
  6. I have been going to the VA, have a psychiatrist there and also a counselor at the VetCenter. I never thought I had PTSD and never really considered it. I was very ignorant about the whole thing. Last week I got a copy of my MH records and the have me diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. My records show: Medical Problems: MHTC Dr. ...., MH TEAM (ICD-9-CM 799.9) PTSD (ICD-9-CM 309.81) Health Examination of Defined Subpopulations (ICD-9-CM V70.5) Arthralgia (ICD-9-CM 719.40) Male ED (ICD-9-CM 302.72) Depressive Disorder NOS (ICD-9-CM 311.) Other Malaise and Fatigue (ICD-9-CM 780.79) Irritable Bowel Syndrome (ICD-9-CM 564.1) Dyslipidemia (ICD-9-CM 272.4) Costochondritis (ICD-9-CM 733.6) Dizziness (ICD-9-CM 780.4) Pain in joint involving ankle and foot (ICD-9-CM 719.47) Low Back Pain (ICD-9-CM 724.2) DSM-IV-TR MULTIAXIAL DIAGNOSES: AXIS I : PTSD, MDD AXIS II : Deffered AXIS III: See active problem list AXIS IV: Relationship AXIS V : GAF= 60 another visit showed a GAF=55 Right now I am 20% disable 10% for my back and 10% for my ankle. I am a Desert Storm Veteran and have already taken the GW registry exam. I went to a VSO and she started paperwork for aFDC and i still have it she told me that it is dated from that date. If I do my claims on ebenefits will my date change? I am planning to file for ibs and cfs for gulf war undiagnosed illnesses, can i also file for althralgia, and costochondritis? If these problems are in my records is the VA signing off that I have them and should be compensated? Is it better to do a FDC Thanks in advance!
  7. The point system really confused me... How many point can one get? Do you get points for being in the gulf war? (something i read on the internet) Is 10 pts the max? RE: My separation pay. it wasn't for a medical discharge it was for the early out program. Do I still have to pay that back?
  8. Thanks Berta, Thanks Carlie, I will scan and post the decision when i get a chance. I will have to go to the library to use their scanner. Also will get the IMO from an independent audiologist. Texas veterans commission helped me when I first filled out my paperwork but I haven't been able to talk to anyone since then, every time I called they told me there is nothing they can do until a decision is reached. Just wondering am I eligible for any back pay since I filed way back in 1992? What kind of extra points for 'Gooberment' jobs? Should I wait until I actually start my job at the VA(the same one i was examined at) before any appeals?
  9. Hi everybody I have been reading on here off and on and have recieved a wealth of info from this site. I filed this claim march 2011 for hearing loss, tinnitus, High cholesterol, low back pain, ankle pain from a fracture in 1989(VA says my medical record states it was a sprain) and also I filed for hip pain secondary to the ankle because i favor the other side. My story goes back to 1992 when I left active duty and I did file for the hearing loss, LBP, and ankle pain and stiffness but I never followed through and i moved several times. I have other problems(several GWI symptoms) that i have not filed yet because a friend(who is 100%) told not to load the VA with too much info, and to get my foot in the door first. I am very happy and thankful that the process has started, and hopeful it will all work out. My paperwork says that the benefits are withheld because I got separation pay($10K) when I left active duty and that it has to be reimbursed before i get any bennies. Is this true? Is there anything I can do to change it? My 20% was from 10% lumbar strain & 10% ankle sprain. I was denied service connection for bilateral hearing loss and tinnitus(this is the one I was sure I would get a % on before I took the hearing test) during the hearing test the audiologist told me that the test was inconclusive because the sounds I could hear were not matching up with the sounds when he spoke words to me. On another note I was selected for a job to work at the VA, but still going through the preemployment screening. Will this affect the outcome of the job or my disability rating? thanks in advance
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