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  1. Yeah Bro....You're a bit to much for this ole' gunner.....I will do you a big favor & delete my account here. Apparently, one must be all-knowing here, so as not to ask any questions one might have! I suggest taking your style of humor to the Latrine....where it might best be appreciated. Snookster...OUT
  2. PhilipRogers...You know I was asking a very civil question and DO NOT feel I should be laughed at by you or anyone else! If this is how you conduct yourself Philip, I suggest YOU grab your binoculars and look South, and you will just about see MY MIDDLE FINGER pointing straight at you. See if you can laugh about that one!
  3. I was denied a raise to my raise (50% PTSD) and after alot of talk & time, I think I just want to sit back & wait on a ratings increase instead of fighting the system. so does anyone know if this is how it works? I realize their are many other ways of trying to get an increase, but does this happen?? All comments appreciated.
  4. I also had a initial decision of 50% granted in four months, out of St. Pete. Those guys are getting faster over there. I now have a claim for I.U. using the Fully Developed Claim process and from what I can read, I might have a decision about that by early January. My last C&P was just like yours...5 minutes, if that. If you do file for IU, go to the VA web site and read about EVERYTHING you must have to claim that. Keep the FDC program in mind also. A heck of alot quicker.
  5. Sorry about no info. I applied to SSDI as a Veteran with PTSD who hasn't worked in close to 4 years due to my increasing conditions.. I have a 50% rating and just applied for I.U as a Section B individual. I have letters and all my clinical records indeed show an increase to my PTSD. .This will indeed be a weeding out process as far as hiring an Atty. The best advice I've heard so far, is to go down to my local VA Outpatient Clinic and ask around there. Talk to the other guys about who they used and why. Thanks to all who answered. Snookster
  6. I apologize if I am placing this in the wrong forum. Please correct it if it is. I was turned down by SSDI for the 2nd time. I swear I do not know what these people want. Gave them everything I had and still no good. I live in the Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. area and if any of you have ever used a good SSDI Attorney, please feel free to list them here or PM me. Whatever you wish. Thank You in advance. Snookster
  7. I fully agree..FDC does work and more Vets should investigate how to use them and why. I just did my FDC in the middle of Oct. and yes, I mailed it Certified and on the 19th, I revd. confirmation that the VA had gotten it. Although, it is still NOT posted on E-Benefits and when I call Peggy this AM, she said that they have 21 days to put the info on E-Bennies. That I did not know. I thought it was closer to ten days. However, I like the FDC and how YOU can control everything and not have to depend on others. Good Topic.
  8. Well, my C & P went well, but I was DENIED for my hearing loss & tinnitus. What they said was they couldn't see a S/C for my claim. Crap, it was the biggest blast EVER on an American base. You might have heard of the Cam Ranh Bay attack. Blew our ammo dumps sky high. 2 am ...what a time to fight! August 25, 1971. At this point, I am going ahead with my FDC. It can't get any worse and I have nothing to lose. I have my Psych. letters both of them. explaining my inability to work or even hold part time work. I have my form from my employer already signed and I am waiting for a decision on my SSDI. Only time will tell...... Best of luck to all. Snookster
  9. How do I get to see my decision on my completed claim? Thanks
  10. Papa...Damn good question...I myself will be using the FDC for my last claim of I.U. However, whatever the answer, I would highly recommend you get ALL your ducks in a row b-4 you do anything. My understanding is, if you forget ONE thing, then it turns into a regular filing and we know how long that takes! And most def. SEND IT CERTIFIED MAIL! Reason is, on line you cannot present your evidence therefore again, causing delay. And yes, it is for all Veterans, not just AO. If you are AO than proceed with it. This FDC is fairly new...not even my VSO knew about it until I brought it to his attention. Lastly, you can check the VA web site to explain more. Best of Luck Papa
  11. Thanks Geek....Yes, I have a claim pending right now for Hearing loss & tinnitus...go to my C&P next Tuesday morning @ 7:00 AM. So far, my 1st Audiology test confirms what I've been saying about my hearing loss and it also said something about my tinnitus....this next test I "suppose," is going to confirm what they saw on my 1st one. Again Many Thanks! Snookster
  12. Thanks to all who answered this thread! It seems that "maybe" some do not fully understand an FDC claim or have never even heard of it. I did some searching for a more descriptive answer to this and I found this: http://www.dav.org/n...cle.aspx?ID=556 It seems that some vets indeed are using this claim and alot are getting good results. But remember that you must have EVERYTHING they could possibly want from you & they will get the rest from your records. I really believe that the ones who do not get fast results, must not have done their homework with this type of claim. This has been very interesting to me and I hope all of YOU! Thank You Snookster
  13. FDC doesn't cover IU? WOW! I was under the impression it did. I was told by a VARO that FDC is the way to go to expedite your claim. I also understand that I cannot have any other claims open in order to file for FDC. She has seen all my paperwork and is giving me the thumbs up to proceed. BUT....If I cannot file for IU, what can I file for? Is it going to be for a 100% rating? Please explain, as my old ass doesn't understand. Think I will PM you also. Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated! Snookster
  14. Appreciate the info my Brother, but I have done my homework with SSDI and am comfortable with my paperwork. Not expecting miracles, but I wouldn't bet against what I gave them... HOWEVER.....The question remains...has ANYONE ever filed a FDC for IU?? Thanks for looking! Snook
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