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  1. Viet Nam 1970, A battery 2/35 artillery So it has been a couple years since my 100% award and I have a few problems that I did not expect. I am covered by my employer at a cost of $753 a month solely that my wife has health ins too. I am retired and over65 and now also have Medicare etc. so I am triple insured? Yes None of the Docs here will take VA as insurance. nether will the Hospitals. The VA here cannot even stitch up a cut finger. All they do is blood work and psych stuff. The Doctor simply refers you to a local Doc or Hospital and there I am told they do NOT accept VA as insurance. So why would I keep the VA as my Health provider? It is also over a 1/4 mile walk to get into the Federal Building and this is not possible for me. Where or what can we do to report the Hospitals and Doctors for not accepting Veterans with VA Cards? I am over 60 miles from a VA facility that does actual Sick calls and more than refferals.
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    I did send them a complaint as well as the IG.
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    Drove 120 miles for eye exam and a month later new glasses came..not a ble to use. Contacted VA and they called ny wife and said they will send a new left lense they got wrong. I should take it to Costco to get it replaced. Here is my reply; This is my reply to the VA for my galasses they screwed up and sent to me. What the hell? Recieved a call today that my left lense is wrong and that a new lense will be shipped to me and that Costco would change This is unacceptable, it is NOT Costco's job to fix the VA mistakes. I drove 120 miles for this exam and glasses as required by the VA. The very least they can do is their job and send me glasses thart fit my prescription. I can't see well so this is not perfect, please forgive me.
  4. I wrote the IG office and am waiting for a response. I think we need a higher authority because there must be other Vets with similar issues and we may help bring it to the list of complaints. We can only hope they really do care.
  5. So, The Patient Advocate answered my question this way... ' You can write a letter to the VA in Walla Walla'. Problem is, that is where she IS. No such thing as a Patient Advocate at the VA in my opinion.
  6. I guess we will see if the Patient Advocate program is any good. I have the private Doctors Report and I am sure he would help me if I need more info.
  7. I wrote the Patient Advocate about my dilemma and asked for help and guidance.
  8. It is called "efferent" or at least that's what it sounds like. I think I will contact Myhealthevet via secure messaging and ask them to tell me why I cannot get it. Then I can go back to my Private Doc and ask him to write the reasons I have to have it and go from there.
  9. After my Heart attack a Stent was put in to help a 100% blockage. I went to the VA afterwards to discuss all this with my Healthcare team. We went over the new Meds I will need and all went well except for the blood thinner that I was told I MUST continue to keep the platelets from sticking to the Stent. My VA doc says he does not prescribe that med. It costs like $340.00 a month and I have to have it. Now what do I do? Can I ask for a review or something?
  10. What is AO and IHD? I am 100% total and permanent now. Does not 100% mean I get free care for anything at all. Do I have to be rated if I lets say, break a leg?
  11. Last Thursday afternoon I had a Heart attack at Target ( I did not know it then). Friday morning I went to the ER with chest pains etc. They were non believing until while connected to the EKG machine I had another "event". All of a sudden I was surrounded by cute young girls and whisked away to Surgery. I had a 100% blockage which they fixed with a STENT ( I think that spells it). Came home on Monday AM. Everything happened so fast I had no time to notify anyone. I feel much better now, with NO pain or side effects at all. Question; Why did the VA not catch this? I complained for years about my left arm and shortness of breath. They never did an EKG, or Sonogram or anything to check it out. My BP was ALWAYS 250/189 or near that. Now it stays around 150/80 I wonder why...
  12. I guess I am too stupid to figure this out. I start reading and it becomes clear as mud to me. Can ANYONE answer with a yes or no? Or is this on a case by case type thing? In my case 30 years at 10%.......... recently 100% PTSD and 30% Sinusitus and 10% Tinitus.
  13. Does the clock re-set when your percentage increases? In other words I had been 10% for over 30 years and as of this year was increased to 100%.
  14. Yes, I am P&T The Champva forms askes about other insurance which I DO Have now but I want to cancel. Should I tell them I do not have Insurance now even though I have not cancelled it yet/
  15. I am rated 100% for PTSD and recently retired at 63. My wife is 62 and we are both on Social Security now that I have retired. I am purchasing Health Insurance through my previous employer for $761.00 a month just so I can cover my wife. They will not JUST cover her, I must be on the plan too. This is through KPS Health plans. Seems awfully high to me. Questions; Is there a better way (cheaper) to cover my spouse only? If so, where and how do I begin the process?
  16. I asked the VA this question...the answer was worded as cannot be 'substantially' employed and receive 100%. So I quit my job and now have a part time job delivering rental cars for min wage to keep busy.
  17. So I went on 'myhealthevet' and wrote that I have a very possible skin cancer I want looked at right away. I was given an Appointment 3 months out. Is this normal or should I be more forceful to address it?
  18. I found out I can retire for 'Medical reasons' and recieve full retirement. I have contacted Human Resources and will pursue this route. In addition I will file for Social Security Disability at the same time that I file regular Social Security as suggested by the good folke here. The only question is how long will it take until I actually leave the job? I am asking for immediate retirement so as to expedite the process from the FERS system. Maybe 2 weeks to a month at most and then Hasty Bannaners to the work routine.
  19. Yes, I will get a Pension of $761 which is almost enough to cover Healthcare for my Wife with the current provider. With Social Security and my VA we can make ends meet nicely as everthing but the House is paid off. The only reason to continue to work is to build up a little savings before I retire.
  20. Summary of benefit information Include? Information Value Include the information in this row You have one or more service-connected disabilities: Yes Include the information in this row Your combined service-connected evaluation is: 100% Include the information in this row and the one below it Your current monthly award amount is: The effective date of the last change to your current award was: December 01, 2013 Include the information in this row You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities: Yes
  21. No,I don't think so, it was seperatly mentioned from the Sinusitis and the Hearing loss and did not say extraschedular anywhere. I don't feel like justifing my 100% to others it is very painful to think about all that again.
  22. Don't know, I told them everytime I was asked that I was working but, having problems and wanted to quit.
  23. I am 100% for PTSD and 30% Sinusitus and 10% Hearing currently 100% T&P. Wondering wheather or not I must quit my job? I called Human Resources and was told I do NOT have to. All the Employer needs to know is that I am 30% or more. Do I risk being re-evaluated for PTSD if I continue to work? My Employer has been very kind and allowed me to make my own schedule and work alone completely so it is easier to take it. But, I would really like to retire from the stress and politics of work after 50 years I am totally fed up with the whole working thing anyway.
  24. One-way communication! Treated like Cattle with one sided entries into files. Personnel try to trick individuals into saying they are OK. If you take your pills then you feel OK and you say so, they write it down as if a miracle happpend and youre cured. The only reason you feel OK is through drugs and I hate taking pills. If you are scheduled for a C&P exam and you take your Meds you will not be evaluated properly.
  25. I am 100% P&T for PTSD and had the same types of concerns so I called Human Resources. I was told I do not have to disclose my percentage and only have to say 30% or more. In addition I was told the Company has several people with 100% that ARE working. As long as you are not unemployable. So now I am in good shape financially for the first time in my life. No more stressing to meet the bills and spouse arguing about money is a big stress reliever and is helping with my mental health.
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