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  1. Thanks Broncovet I didn't take offense. Its all good were here to help one another. If we don't who will? Uncle Sam? Ahhh nope were expendable lol Hooahh
  2. I believe by George, that I figured it out. I just now called the V.A. and strategically worded my inquiry. I believe compensation issue is just that. You see v.a. did yr ago retro pay for tdiu, once they saw bva judge request to redo allll my c&p exams lol. So they low balled my retro pay and sent it back to bva judge. Upon speaking to v.a. rep we deduced because website stated one other issue besides ibs denial that its probably the tdiu compensation issue. Sooo its possible that if other veterans have a back pay issue, it may be compensation issue?
  3. Buck buck52 now that's what im talking about thinking out side the box. Ty man I concur, I never heard that term comp issue either. Well thing for sure we now know comp issue a new covert word. Lol
  4. Ty Broncovet but im far from new...lol I'm 60 yr old vet. Serve off n on from 1978 to 2012. I After 50% from Army I got up to 70% myself. Yes I have an attorney. I just thought maybe compensation issue term may have been revealed by now. I'm now 100% as of 2019. These contentions are appeals at bva level. So yes ill wait for the big brown envelope.
  5. Ahh ty GBArmy. Funny how term compensation issue is unknown. Maybe new v.a. jargon.
  6. Hi. Any one know if this means back pay or not? Granted compensation issue?
  7. Flow1972 i concur with GBArmy. Va more than often low balls or plainly denies proof. Not saying its right but must consider we still at war and new veterans hitting the system. I got out in 2012 and as i stated before, i only got to 50% from army then finally to 70% on my own. Without an attorney its hard. Dont stop appealing, you then have to start from 0. I dont know if you know but just in case bounce your injuries with the 38 CFR Book C, Schedule for Rating Disabilities online. It is very detailed Yet after a certain point id get a vet no fee lawyer. Before v.a. considers you for a
  8. Yep still in old claims. I have an attorney. I was following up decided to give regional a call.
  9. Thanks pacs this what i need to stir my creative juices..lol think out the box Cuz i didnt get ssoc as yet. Ill keep u all informed.
  10. Heres my thing i had to call to find out bva kick it back to va. 1. I.got no ssoc 2. No phone call 3.and it wasnt second remand It was just sent back for what ever reason. My thoughts were once va did their remand part that bva makes decision then send back to va for processing. I just wonder why i didnt get ssoc and had to call to find that is was kick back.
  11. Hi well we first need to know what are your primary conditions. Then i can try to.help you My self i got up 70% with out a lawyer. Once i got a lawyer v.a. said opps we made an error An bump me up to 80% before the lawyers papers ink dried. Lol on my profile is my email If you want advise and diy or i can shoot to u me vet lawyer no fee unless win Shes good.
  12. Good day fellow Veterans. I live in Mi. My remand i found today was Sent back to V.A. reg June 2020. At this point im at 17 months Waiting. Bva judge orignal state was v.a. detroit failed to give me tdiu from 2012 when my file and many c&ps show i qualified? So.judge remand was Tdiu not moot and v.a. in 2018 granted me 100% i have multiple disabilities. My question is 1. I live in Mi. Why would bva send remand back a second time to salem, Mass. When my files and c&p's Were conducted in Mi.?
  13. Thank you as well, 63SIERRA and Philip Rogers. I'm also waiting for ssdi decision, the hearing went well i think and the judge asked to see my VA rating, of course she added they don't have to follw their rules but she also stated, it may help her make her decision. six to eight weeks for a decison but since I had to get other VA documents for judge she gave my lawyer till Feb 21 2014. So maybe in April or May i'll hear something.
  14. Ah just looked something up. States sleep apnea a golden ticket, and acknowledged for tdiu. http://www.purpleheart.org/ServiceProgram/Training2012/21-T-%20TBI-%20Sleep%20Apnea.pdf also i appealed denial of adjustment disorder w/anxiety. I have evidence of that as well. I keeps Evee a ting...lol
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