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  1. thanks for the reply. I only got the official diagnose and prescription a few days before the DBQ. Was using Motrin before that. Guess we shall find out when it comes out.
  2. I came back from deployment in 2018 and did a notice of intent within a year. I just had a C&P for migraines. I submitted a headache journal and a buddy letter from the deployment. The DBQ's I have read on here does not have anything about a medical opinion (nexus). I would imagine a positive opinion would be needed as in other disabilities. thoughts?
  3. Looking for opinions; especially from Berta. On my cervical and radiculopathy the reviewer noted an error in the duty to assist. This was because the BVA previously connected a car accident while on AD to my back while the examiner now tried to say my cervical DDD was not aggravated. I am assuming it will now be granted. Thoughts? The Hip and Knee was denied but within a year of discharge. I was diagnosed by the VA with Chronic Kidney Disease 40 days after discharge but this review doesn't acknowledge that. Thank you for your interpretation and opinions. VA.pdf
  4. Creating high GFR 47, labs done at the VA 40 days after discharge
  5. Here it is. I love when they say it doesn’t exist when the VA gave me the diagnoses
  6. Everyone has those symptoms downrange working 12 on 12 off; fatigue etc. No one goes to sick call in the infantry for all that. I just got off deployment last august and left the national guard in May so I have contact with everyone.
  7. thanks for this. Their denial is the one line. They didn't even give me a C&P. So its a coincidence my kidneys are fine right before deployment and not fine right after? Chronic is just the diagnosis they kidney disease. Its actually termed renal dysfunction in the CFR. From what I understand these days, both from guys who went with me and my friend at the VBA is all conditions claimed within a year of discharge are presumed to have been because of military service. They are supposed to give general medical exams from head to toe and if they give you a diagnoses its presumed it occurred on active duty. At least three of my guys went through this. They also never went to sick call downrange and got rated.
  8. just said it didn't manifest in the military. I think they just skipped over within a year of discharge because they asked for medical opinions on all my claimed conditions.
  9. The reason was it didn't manifest while on active duty. They asked for medical opinions on all my conditions so I think they just skipped over the year within discharge rules. it should be under renal dysfunction. 7530 I believe
  10. I have had annual blood tests at the VA for at least 5 years prior to deployment. All showed normal Creatine levels and GFR (except one 57 GR just prior). When I returned I had another round of blood tests 40 days post discharge. The VA Dr. diagnosed me with chronic kidney disease since my creatine was high and GFR was 47. The VA denied my claim out right. Shouldn't this be presumptive since it was within a year of discharge?
  11. can you post your C&P? also, arthritis of major and minor joints are taken into account. To your questions; YES.
  12. yes I have had that experience. I went to a board certified surgeon with the DBQ. Probative value wiped out the ridiculous VA determination.
  13. thanks. I see she did check hypoactive reflex for the left ankle so maybe it will go to 40%
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