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  1. Team: I had filed my claim early May 2014 and just got my VA letter. I have had some massive struggles at work and home but I do work part-time, this is in my records. The part-time work keeps me sane and from shooting myself!. And yet, after my C&P, the VA just granted me 100% for PTSD, 30% for nephrolithiasis (kidney stones - this has really sucked), and 20% for hypertension (not controlled by meds). However, the award letter states the following: You are not considered to be permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilityes at this time because you are scheduled fo
  2. I wish I could, my wife is sick and we need the insurance. So I have to do whatever it takes to keep family together though it is consuming me from the inside. I sleep 2-3 hours a night, I have been through several PTSD programs and sleep therapy, only marginal improvement. Thanks for all your help guys, I will let you know if/when I hear back on the claim.
  3. Thank you for your insights, I am glad you have all this experience here to count on. I just want my life back, I am really shamed to be so broken when I was the first one to the fight every single time. I really don't want P&T or 100%, I just want access to care so I can have my life back. I had a much better life before this, P&T could not come close to my civilian compensation, I just want to go back to where I was and it seems like a mirage right now.
  4. I am unfortunately working only half-time and they are really trying to push me out. Unsure how long the job will last. I am struggling every day and I show up at work about 4 hours before anyone else shows up since I cannot sleep at night and I get to avoid people and stressors. Sadly, If this is how rest of my life is going to shape up, I would rather die.
  5. Please take a look at this, everything I do has been tainted by PTSD. I really hope it gets better, everything is so dark and hopeless. I have tried counseling, meds, etc. nothing seems to take it away. I have never filed for anything including unemployment and am embarrassed to do this but I have no safety net and I seem to be failing and flailing at life. I hope I get some kind of SC so I can continue to get medical care. I appreciate your time in taking a look at this and sharing your opinion on it. Thank you. ====================================================================
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