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  1. I appreciate the knowledge and I will move forward. Semper Fi Gastone.
  2. Agreed, I've been going to my appointments and she has seen a difference. she is the most important part of this whole thing. If it was not for her I would have never been motivated to get help.
  3. I hope your's moves quick, It seems the VA is trying to get these claims out, as mine moved very quick.
  4. Claim closed, 60%, I posted it in success stories, Thanks everyone for the support, I'm really glad this is all over, now I'm waiting on the retro
  5. I appreciate it brother, I hope others will have their claim's completed in a timely matter, any idea on the retro, when it usually posts?
  6. My claim closed today, I was granted 60%. I have not received the VA envelope as of yet, but I would assume it was 50% PTSD and 10% for Tinnitus. I put an additional claim for burn pit exposure from when I was in Iraq, as I have had cancer twice and I’m in my earlier 30’s, but from what I understand that will not be approved. I put in for my claim in June of this year after going to the VA on my wife’s suggestion due to anger/sleeping issues. My C&P exams were earlier this month, they were outsourced to VES examiners. I’m shocked at how quickly my process went, I have gone to all of my sch
  7. Peggy called me on Friday to verify my bank and dependent information so I'm hoping that my claim and retro will be completed soon. I have not seen a change in eBenefits as it was down for a day over the weekend. I'm still pending notification. I'm patiently waiting to find out what my rating is. the waiting is the crappiest part.
  8. I'm kind of stressing out over this, since the VARO called and confirmed my banking information and dependent info I should be good to go you think? I do not put anything past the VA in regard to negligence. so any positive thoughts would be much appreciated. This site and all the members on it have been a great support system for myself and other's. Its good we all have each other's backs. I'm trying to stay off ebenefits because I'm driving myself crazy waiting to see my rating letter, and for the case to close. I'm going to hang out with the wife and kid and forget about it for a while. Aga
  9. I have a claim submitted for PTSD and tinnitus. Today I received a call from the VA asking for my banking information my dependents birth days and ssn's. When I check ebenefits my case has moved to preparation for notification. Peggy at the VA would not tell me what rating I have been approved for. She said she could not see that info. I was wondering if this means i will be at least 30%? Im on meds for ptsd and go to the va for counseling. I had my c&p a few weeks ago through VES so I cannot see the results yet. This is my first claim. Any idea on how long it takes for retro pay?Any info
  10. From my research it appears that my initial C&P exam is vaild due to it being conducted through VES: The Initial Examination for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder must be conducted by a VA psychologist or psychiatrist certified by the VHA Office of Disability and Medical Assessment (DMA) to evaluate veterans for this purpose. However, note that the definition of "VA psychologist or psychiatrist" includes psychologists and psychiatrists in private practice who conduct C&P exams for a company that has contracted with the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) or the Veterans Health Adminis
  11. I checked eBenefits today and my claim has now moved to the "Preparation for Decision" stage, I'm hoping all goes well, From what I have read this does not mean anything as it can jump between stages. I called VES and was told that all of my requested C&P exams have been completed, so hopefully everything moves smoothly from here on out. Fingers crossed.
  12. That is good to hear that you will hopefully soon your claim will be completed. Please keep me updated.
  13. My exam was through a contractor and I called VES today to make sure I did not have any additional exams ( I don't) but they were not able to provide me a copy of the results, but they did confirm that both my exams had been sent and received by the VA. Im impressed with the efficiency they have displayed as of now.
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