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  1. Good Morning, Hello everyone, I have just filed an appeal, and have elected to go in front of a traveling board. Does anyone know how long of a time-frame it will be before I actually go in front of a judge? Respectfully,
  2. Good Morning, Just wanted to share this webpage that I found that shows what is being looked for when there is a C&P evaluation for PTSD. http://www.avapl.org/pub/PTSD Manual final 6.pdf Respectfully,
  3. Good Morning, I wanted to inquire who at the VA diagnoses an individual with PTSD. The reason I ask, is that on many occasions, I have been advised that I have PTSD, by multiple doctors and physicians at the VA, but have not been formally diagnosed. I had a vet tell me that if I ever wanted to put in a claim for PTSD, I would need a diagnoses, but to this day I have no diagnoses. Does anyone know where at the VA I would go for specific testing for PTSD. Respectfully,
  4. I can also remember military personnel who were stationed in Avaino Italy, who supported the Kosovo conflict. These individuals were under constant attack from a terrorist group called the Anti-Imperialist Territorial Nuclei (NTA). There were constant firebombs being set off, molotov cocktails that were thrown at personnel, and even shots fired. I know a few individuals who received claims because of these incidents. I guess it's one of those things that it all depends. Respectfully,
  5. Good Afternoon, Does anyone know if the VA raters have wiggle room in regards to judgement calls, or are they black and white when it comes to distributing a rating for a claim. Respectfully,
  6. Thanks you everyone for your input. It is worth its weight in gold. Thank you everyone. Respectfully,
  7. Good Morning, How many days of a war or conflict are needed to claim sleep apnea with the VA? Respectfully,
  8. Good Morning, Thanks a lot brokensoldier244. The information is very helpful. Thanks again my brother. Respectfully,
  9. Does anyone know what a VA physician would be looking for if one was to put in a claim for TBI. Meaning an injury or something that sticks out more than other symptoms? Respectfully,
  10. Thank you very much everyone for the info. Sometimes I guess it depends when you were in the military, and the timeframes you were in a specific war/conflict. I ask because I know things can get funny with the VA when you try to claim something that's not on your DD-214. Respectfully,
  11. Thank you very much moderator. I am glad to be here. Your website has a lot of interesting and valuable information. The information you have here is worth its weight in gold, especially when your dealing with the VA. Respectfully,
  12. Good Evening, Hello everyone, I was just talking with a friend about different campaigns and war zones, and like Afghanistan, and Iraq, he states that he took place in the Kosovo war where he was stationed out of Aviano Italy, and he states that was considered a combat zone. Does this sound correct? Respectfully,
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