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  1. I just checked with QTC, and they say that I cannot request the C&P exam Doctor’s notes directly from them. QTC said that after my third and final C&P exam on April 6th, they will bundle everything together and send to the VA. Thereafter, I would then have to request the Doctor’s notes from the VA. Thus, I will not know what the C&P examiner (who I know did a haphazard exam) really said for quite some time. My main concern is if the hip Range of Motion was properly documented (since the examiner did not check for it (nor did he use a goniometer). I have heard that limitation
  2. Thanks. I did not quite realize that I had those good options for seeing my record. I think it prudent to know what the Doctor's notes were at least (and to know sooner rather than later). I will request the record. My other thought in wanting to know soon is, should I have an independent medical professional actually use a goniometer (since this has never been done to date) to measure the ROM? My one year after leaving active duty is coming up at the end of April. I understand there is a presumptive period 1 year after leaving active duty wherein limitations/chronic issues are presumed t
  3. I have the distinct feeling that I will end up needing to dispute the ROMs that my examiner will list for me too. Is that best done by asking for another C&P exam (if the examiner did not perform the exam properly / did not properly measure with a goniometer, etc). And/or would this entail contacting a VA attorney who would bring in the appropriate medical personnel to perform an independent exam?
  4. Wow, that is extremely helpful. I'd heard some chatter, but didn't know for sure how how much they really recoup. Thanks much for relating your experience.
  5. I was involuntarily separated from active Air Force in the Reduction In Force measures undertaken last year. I received a separation payout last year (reduced by taxes of course). I've heard that the full gross amount of the separation payout will be recouped. Thus, VA payments for a disability (which I am in the process of being rated for) will be withheld until the separations payout is fully recouped. My question is, does the VA withhold disability benefit payments for the full separation amount (the gross amount), or do they withhold payments for the full separation amount less taxes
  6. Thanks. I do think it prudent to see what notes he did make first. I think he probably got the problem with my touching toes issue notated, albeit with his rough eyeball assessment of the angle. The VA Doctor locally eyeballed it as well to be about 15 degree forward flexion. I imagine it should be close to that, and that would be about right (though not done with a goniometer). He didn't measure ROM of the left leg at all though. It would be interesting to see if he put values in there or not. If not, presumably it was skipped by mistake? If it was skipped by mistake would another C
  7. Hi, I had an interesting and bewildering C&P exam with a Dr. covering three items of evaluation; lower extremity varicose veins, piriformis syndrome (left hip), and lumbar condition with herniation (for a disc bulging 5 mm to the left at L4-L5). Here is about how it went… Firstly, I had filled out the summarized history questions for each of the three items. The papers I had diligently filled out simply laid on his desk the entire exam though, and he simply asked me questions as he went through his DBQs. I was very well versed in my medical record and could tell him t
  8. Hi, I have indeed put in for VA disability well within the one year. I'll be going to some VA exams in the next few months for an ongoing lower back bulging disc issue, left hip issue (which I think is Trochanteric Bursitis) and also another issue with TMJ where my mouth will only open a certain width (opening any further has distinct pop/click sound and hurts/aches if going beyond that range of about 1.5 inches in my case). I had been treated for the TMJ issue while in service and given a mouth guard to reduce teeth grinding and told not to open my jaw "too far." My VSO said
  9. Hi, Great advice! I sure appreciate it and will post if I can think of any more questions.
  10. Hi, Great insight and yes, I'm about to order my military record. Also, I was reading if you have a combined disability rating of 50% or greater, you should be eligible to receive Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay (CRDP). If you receive CRDP, you will receive your full military retirement pay along with your full VA disability compensation. I'm wondering if one must do 20 "good years" to be able to get CRDP? Thus, if I was medically retired from the Reserves below 20 years would I not be able to claim CRDP? I heard it was open to Reservists now with 20 "good years"... But what I don't know
  11. Hi, I’ve been recently separated as a USAF Captain from active duty due to reduction in force, and I am new to this realm. (I was not medically separated.) I’d sure appreciate some advice. Background While on active duty, I suffered a bulging disc and had a lot of left hip discomfort after some long runs at the unit’s physical training sessions. They called it piriformis syndrome and gave me physical therapy sessions at the base clinic, muscle relaxers, & some pain killers. I’ve long had an issue with my low back which have been well documented throughout my career, and have paid for a
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