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  1. Not sure if I'm answering all of what you're asking but a general timeline will maybe help put things into some context... exit service in 2004, file for PTSD - don't show up for C&P (idiot I know). Even with no-show based on STRs alone I got SC @ a whopping 10% 2009 I am pushed to file an increase by friends for PTSD - AGAIN I don't show up for C&P. Even though I was a no-show I get increased to 30% between 2009 I finally start seeing the VA (instead of civilian doctors) because I lost my civ coverage. I show up and right out of the gate I get a very biased social worke
  2. So I'm resurrecting this old thread in hopes that my new situation/information could shed some more light on things, but of course I'm also hoping for advice/direction/hope (any and all appreciated even if I don't take/accept it!). The overall situation of things has changed quite a bit. I filed for a re-evaluation (within the time period) rather than filing a NOD and an appeal. I did a DBQ/C&P for my foot one day, and another C&P the next (relevance of the foot DBQ will become obvious shortly). This was my 4th C&P for PTSD (of which I've been service connected for sinc
  3. Oh I know the VA is entirely capable of giving me the shaft on the initial decision. They may even have a laugh at my expense and deny my appeal. It is my general experience however that when it comes down to getting a lawyer this is just the kind of regulatory verbiage they like to use to run the establishment through the ringer. Basically I'm saying that i may not be the guy to make this work for me but i believe that when it comes time I'll be able to find someone who can. Again i may be overdosing on optimism but nevertheless I feel a whole lot better for finding this.
  4. Well I think I've found something that is likely to be helpful in the event that I have to end up appealing a decision that comes out of this DBQ or it will give me a foundation on which to put together the evidence that seems to be getting overlooked. I found this gem just a few minutes ago: This can be found in CFM 3.304 (1) If the evidence establishes a diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder during service and the claimed stressor is related to that service, in the absence of clear and convincing evidence to the contrary, and provided that the claimed stressor is consistent wi
  5. Berta thanks so much for chiming in on my current conundrum. I'm not entirely sure what the addendum was about. There was no additional exam, the C&P was actually on the 27th of October. Why I wasn't signed until the 30th, and then again 4 days later with that rather crushing addendum I really couldn't say. I understand your concerns. Her statement at the end is rather damning. As far as whether or not she had all the treatment records I can't say. On the face of it I feel like she must. Anything within the last year as far as treatment records go is here in Texas and I can't imagine
  6. I filed a claim sometime in early October for an increase of my PTSD, a foot injury, as well as put in for 2 new conditions and one secondary condition. While I am largely very happy with how the claims for my physical disabilities has gone (my examiner told me within the first 5 minutes he was going to connect me for all the new stuff and that I rated an increase for the foot issue - after that I just had to actually do the C&P! My PTSD exam and resulting DBQ however were not nearly as smooth as my other C&P's had gone. Honestly I was actually kind of shocked when I finally got a
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