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  1. laceup541691

    Tent Fire PTSD Questions

    Ok I understand so basically im out of luck because i never recieved nothing relating to the decision of the claim. i need to know how to get the RO decision, looking at my history on ebenefits its the same VSO that is currently my POA. I will call her on monday or email her. You would think she would have something on file because apparently the claim was completed with them as my rep. But she NEVER mentioned anything and when i told her what i found on ebenefits she was completely confused.
  2. laceup541691

    Tent Fire PTSD Questions

    heres some answers to your questions :) You say you have a MH provider now. Are they at the VA or in a private practice? Yes i have a Mental Health provider at the VA. I had a substance abuse problem trying to self medicate and I am currently on suboxone through the VA. I go to classes every week and i see my MH provider weekly. I am on wellbutrin for depression, sertraline for depression/anxiety, hydroxazine for anxiety, prazosin for nightmares, and suboxone for opiate addiction. What is their exact diagnosis of your current MH disorder? I am not sure what exactly they currently have me diagnosed as. Since leaving service, do you have treatment records , at VA and /or private doctors, showing chronicity of the MH problems? Since leaving service I have been in a few VA and private treatment centers. All of the VA records is on myhealthevet and i sent my consent to the va for them to get all of the private hospitals to give them my records.Since 2005 i have been in and out of treatment and been off and on anxiety/depression medicine and sleep meds. Can you possibly scan and attach here ( Cover C file,# name, address prior to scanning) that actual 38 USC 1702 decision document? I dont know what this is?? I am guessing the decision packet but I never recieved that.All I know is that I am Group 5 health benefits, no copay and theyve been treating me for years. I just know that on ebenefits it says active (psychosis/gw mental 38usc section 1702) Are you employed? If not, do you receive SSDI or SSI solely for MH issues that you are also claiming are due to your service? No I am not employed and I have a Hud Vash voucher. I just got out of treatment. I am filing for soc sec based on the same disabilities. Are you saying that the claim maybe was never really denied? Just bc i never sent them evidence. so maybe i cant do the CUE claim?
  3. laceup541691

    Great Schizophrenia Cue

    This is what I am hoping to prove by reopening my claim that was not service connected but under usc38 sec1702 hopefully you will be able to help me Berta! :)
  4. laceup541691

    Tent Fire PTSD Questions

    yes this is the same vet with the chronic presumptive psychosis. i have wrote more under that post for you :) thanks!
  5. laceup541691

    usc 38 section 1702 psychosis gw/mental

    Hi Berta, thank you very much for responding and taking the time to give me your thoughts. I am the same vet that posted about the tent fire. to answer some of your questions... What claim do you have pending now? I dont have a claim in yet. In July 2015 i met with a VSO rep and she took some information and just filed an intent to file. I am supposed to meet with her this week i was just gathering all of my evidence. I did send in the forms to the VA giving them permission to get all of my civilian medical records.Is there a certain way to go about filing for "chronic presumptive regulations"? Were you denied by VA for any MH claim yet? I guess that I was denied on the claim but i dont know because i never recieved the decision packet due to moving. i think because of the 38 usc section 1702 i am non service connected for treatment purposes?? I am going to call the rep for me tomorrow and ask her if she can look it up. because it says that the same place represented me in 2011 on the claim. Status of Your Claim COMPLETE Submitted: 06/09/2011 (Compensation) Claim Closed: 05/14/2013 Disabilities Claimed: severe anxiety (New), manic depression (New), individual unemployability (New), liver condition (New), fatigue (New), hepatitis c (new) Representative for VA Claims: VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS SERVICES Current Status: Complete this is what it shows under historical claims the only information i have is what is on Ebenefits. the hospital that i was in the first year i was out is mailing me the records and i have already gave the va permission.so that will prove the psychosis within the first year. How do i file a CUE? yes it is possible that when i was hospitalized someone filed a claim for me.im sorry but i cant remember. ;( I wish you were able to help me file my claim. Lol I dont think that my rep right now will know what i am talking about because she didnt even know what the low income pension was. but idk i will ask her tomorrow. I posted what they must have asked me for earlier under the needed from you part. so you are saying that there is a possible retro comp for this if i succeed? also i wanted to add the tent fire and everything to this claim. so even tho i would be reoppening the claim can i add more to it?
  6. laceup541691

    Tent Fire PTSD Questions

    ok so basically look through everything and then just print out whatever perticular page pertains to my claim. should i print out the mental health records where the doctor is writing about me coming in and complaining about dreams,anxiety etc. that way they dont have to go through and find or miss those pages? bc i can go through and highlight it for them and show all the medicine i have been on for ten years from diff places to help me sleep or for my anxiety. thanks very much all of you for your service and the service you are still providing for veterans like me.
  7. laceup541691

    Tent Fire PTSD Questions

    ok thanks, i will research and see how i can get the CID records. All i could ever get off myhealthevet was after i was out of the military but maybe im doing something wrong, Do they actually have health records from in the service on there? im gonna give the prazosin another chance. and try taking it earlier than right when im going to bed.Thats the only blood pressure med I am on. im sure the VA dont try too hard to get records like that, so it will def help my claim if I can get them and have them there attached to the claim.
  8. laceup541691

    Tent Fire PTSD Questions

    hahaha nice...LOL well i will try to order it from the RO. but how do i go about doing that. ill ask my vet rep at the VSO. is there a certain address i write and ask for it. Does anyone know how i can go about getting a decision letter on a claim that i never recieved? years ago due to moving. who would i ask. sounds like its gonna be exciting! I will prepare the claim with as much information i can and then prepare to appeal.
  9. laceup541691

    Tent Fire PTSD Questions

    what is my cfile? is it on myhealthevet
  10. laceup541691

    Tent Fire PTSD Questions

    Thanks, I actually see a mental health provider weekly because I do substance abuse counseling and everything. I am on suboxone and do follow ups every week. I talk to her about the nightmares and stuff and she has known about it for awhile. Im going to tell her that I am filing a claim and im sure she wouldnt mind helping me with whatever i need. Is there a certain form my dr. will need to fill out? I am also starting PTSD classes soon. I just feel like because the issue isnt really dealing with being shot or something that I am being a punk for filing for it. Kinda embarrasing. But seeing my wife at night when she wakes me up because im crying or moaning in my sleep sucks and she gets really upset because she cant help. So that is why i am even considering seeking help for it. btw thanks for responding to my post. I really love this website and i have told some friends about it too and they are all registering with the website.
  11. laceup541691

    Tent Fire PTSD Questions

    hey Vync, thanks for responding. I have looked up some of my mental health records, the ones that are on myhealthevet. I am diagnosed severe anxiety and manic depressive. also psychosis that is 38 1702 treatment purposes only. There was a big C.I.D. investigation and i did recieve a check for some of my lost belongings back then. So there is alot of records on the incident somewhere. I used to be on trazadone and i hated how that made me feel the next morning. I have been in and out of inpatient facilities and on diff medicine. The prazosin was just recently started and i am on 1mg. But i hate that too because i wake up feeling horrible and i sleep forever. I dont even want to take it anymore. I have an intent to file date of july 2016 and am working on getting all of my health records so that i can claim. Because i once put in a claim for anxiety and depression back in 2011 and i moved. I never recieved a letter and i never submitted anything they asked for because of that. But then I never knew how to do it and i never had a VSO rep like i do now. So on ebennies it says not service connected for severe anxiety and manic depression and then it says active/psychosis gw/mental for the same thing underneath that. I also have buddies that wrote statements saying their memory of what happened and how it has affected them.
  12. Does anyone think that a tent fire in the mountains of south korea would be considered linked to ptsd. what happend was we were in a field excersice in s.korea and I was asleep in our tent. The fire guard on duty left to talk to his "drinky girl" girlfriend on the cell phone. well he put the fuel cans right beside the heater and the heater was on high. those pot belly heaters get glowing red hot! well when i woke up to the sounds of "fire,fire,fire" I couldnt breath and the plastic fuel can was on fire at the top and melting. everyone was running out and i couldnt get out of my sleeping bag. I was right beside the heater and felt like i was gonna die. i got out of the sleeping bag and fell on my face. i got up and the first fuel can exploded and i got up, the whole tent was on fire and another fuel can exploded as i got out and rounds of ammunition were being shot off exploding. Obviously I didnt die and i only had some cuts and bruises. I was in my boxers standing outside with my platoon in the freezing mud. all of our belongings burnt and we wored civilian clothes for the next month when we went back on base. I lost alot of personal stuff out there and had to get re issued everything. since then When it gets too hot in my room and im sleeping i have crazy dreams of the fire and not making it out. the heat always triggers these dreams and i have sever anxiety and wake up thinking im on fire. It takes me awhile to get out of the funk of having one of these dreams. I am prescribed prazosin for nightmares. would this be considered ptsd?
  13. laceup541691

    usc 38 section 1702 psychosis gw/mental

    thank you guys for responding to my situation.Yes I am married and she is a vet who served honorably in the reserves but was never activated so she dont get health benefits. I filed for the pension because i do qualify for low income. Three of my kids and my wife are listed as my dependents on the pension. I pay child support and only have the others half of the year as i share with their moms. my wife makes 12,000 a year so i am guessing i would get the rest up to 25,000(which is what my family would have to make a year). I had a DAV rep help me with the pension forms and the forms to add my depenedents. I do have HUD VASH housing so that helps bc they are paying my rent right now since i was just inpatient at the VA in richmond. I do have a VSO representative who didnt even know anythign about the wartime pension I found out from a buddy that recieves it, she doesnt really act like she wants to help me. So on my own behalf I gave permission to the VA to get my civillian medical records from 3 different places and I faxed them my permission. so on ebenefits this is what it says from the time i put in the claim and moved and never responded... 06/09/2011Compensation05/14/2013 Development Letter Sent Decision Notification Sent Needed from You Needed from Others All Uploaded Documents Request 1 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Unemployability - 21-8940 needed Request 2 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Employment info needed - 21-4192 to veteran Request 3 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Continuity - med evid since service needed (fatigue) Request 4 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Continuity - med evid since service needed (liver condition) Request 5 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Continuity - med evid since service needed (manic depression) Request 6 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Continuity - med evid since service needed (severe anxiety) Request 7 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Continuity - med evid since service needed (jaundice) Request 8 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Continuity - med evid since service needed (hepatitis C) Request 9 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed VCAA Notice Response Request 10 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Hepatitis questionnaire Request 11 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Direct deposit/EFT solicitation Request 12 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed VA Form 21 4138 General Request then under needed from others... Request 13 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed Requested military hospital records from <Military Hospital>. Request 14 Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed C02 Military retiree outpatient records I am waiting on my records from some hospitals to submit with my claim. also i am filing for some things that i had while i was in service that i never knew i could file for such as GERD. How do I file under chronic presumptives? is there a seperate form to do that with? what happened was the year I was out of the army I was in a civilian hospital and they kept me in ICU for two weeks and then i went from there to a VA hospital bc i didnt know i had benefits, and I was in the Psych ward for two weeks and completed a SA program. Thats when I was diagnosed with all of the mental stuff. But all of that was the year i got out and in my understanding that is considered presumptive and should be service connected. Am i wrong? Also since it is under 38 1702 does that make it uncompensable or can i still get disability compensation if i just file for it and prove that.? I am very proactive and am now working hard to get all of my records in order and everything before i file. My intent to file date is July 2016. I just want to make sure i have all the evidence and that way there are no glitches. My address has since been corrected and it is in all the VA systems. I was homeless and bouncing around before and that is why i never got my decision letter. Its not in my historical stuff under ebennies so idk where i would go to get that?
  14. ok so this is my situation... I filed a claim back in 2011 and then i changed addresses and lost touch with the VA system for a few years. I was recently inpatient in Richmond, VA and some of my vet buddies showed me a few things. On ebenefits under disabilities it says that I am N.A under percentage. under disabilities it says... Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date acquired psychiatric disorder, also claimed as severe anxiety disorder and manic depression Not Service Connected acquired psychiatric disorders, also claimed as severe anxiety disorder and manic depression (38 USC Section 1702) Active Psychosis/GW Mental now i never presented any evidence for my claim, they requested , i can now see that i show med evidence and all that..since i never responded it was closed in 2013. I just filed last week for low income pension. Idk if i will get it. I know 1702 is for treatment purposes but if i reopen my claim and submit all my evidence plus some other things can i get compensated. I fall within the one year presumption for psychosis and i got all evidence for that, Has anyone went through anything like this before?? thanks for any help im 32 with six kids and i do have HUD VASH. any compensation would help alot. Or pension.

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