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    lied To in Vietnam, denied further malaria treatment at infectious disease ward Chicago, lied to at 2nd medical board, deprived of board notice, all treatment records, all legal assistance, denied all 120 days recovery time to stabilize, denied requests for records to file for disability before discharge, denied treatment for undetermined lung and blood organisms, denied antibiotics for Group A Streptococcus with Pharyngitis, denied all medical care, and all evidence hidden since RVN

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    trying to make sense of VA’s reason for lying 47 yrs.

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  1. Is PTSD just pissed off guys. Is it a real disability? is amyloidosis real? My arms and legs were swollen, rashes everywhere, liver lab work was out of whack, I was short of breath, chronically weak, urinating blood, severe abdomen pain, pain in the bones and muscles in my legs, ankles swollen, papular rash and puffiness around eyes and behind the ears, blisters on my hands with the rashes,tingling pain that migrated all over, nausea, fatigue, weight loss, and all the other organs affected and documented as well as chloracne from chloroquine or AO exposure, but the VA calls it very dry skin, lol. Oh, I had developed "flexural atopic dermatitis" and was diagnosed with "atopic dermatitis with generalized pruritus" which I never ever ever had before Vietnam, but it is called "dry skin"?????? So, PTSD is being compared to saying just pissed off guys, isn't it? So my arms, legs, ankles, eyes, ears, hands, genitals were just swelled up, and fevers, nausea, abdomen pain, rashes, hives, urinating blood, chest pains, painful sensitive prostate, blood coagulation disease, bone pain, eye aches months later, hearing loss, petechiae, purple spots, massive polyps, porphyria cutanea tarda, peripheral neuropathy, respiratory problems, shortness of breath, repeated pneumonia, chronic Group A streptococcus, coma, jaw clicks, bladder trouble, sugar levels, migraines, malignant cancer, hypertension, diverticulosis, 100% blocked carotid artery. ischemic stroke, malaria, arthritis, Ischemic Heart Disease gerd, and the rest of the things that I had in the service and after are not presumptive? Is it all from dry skin? The month in the hospital in Vietnam, causing these things surely service related back then, because the Army found most of them, but deny it now. Well, they did until last year, and in November 2015 I got 50%. My recovery was supposed to be more than 120 days, but a month after the hospital released me to go "Home Awaiting Orders" I was back on duty, no follow up physicals and it was all deterioration after that because they never properly treated me or made a serious attempt to. That's what is on my mind. The incredible deception.

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