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  1. Hi I am 100%,100%,100% with housebound tdiufor AO from Nam but now with all my meds for stage 4 cancer my wife has to drive me to all my appointments which causes her to loose a lot of time at work is there any recourse for additional benefits to cover her losses also is there any recourse for loss of quality of life thanks ED
  2. rway I have a similar diagnosis I have had my lung cancer move to my brain and my adrenal gland and I too have had all the radiation just chemo as well if he needs someone to talk to I'd be glad to sometimes it's a help to find out you're not alone in the struggle so let me know if I can help ed6853@yahoo.com ED
  3. HI I'm far from an expert but I would look into any service off shore inj Vietnam as Agent Orange has been a serious problem for lung cancer and is a disease considered to be cause of soft cell carcenoma go to the AO portion if VA.GOV
  4. HI I'm not sure this is the correct place tor me to post this but I was recently told the VA only supplied lined Bi Focals when I went to Togus VA I'm 100% ,100%, 100% does anyone know if I was hoodwinked
  5. ham and lima beans lol makes me cringe just thinki9ng og them lol
  6. Hi if I were you I'd email Sen Akaka from Hawaii I did and a few days later I got a call from Washington
  7. I was recently rated at 100% total permanent service related for stage 4 lung cancer diagnosed in 01/07. My rating date is May 22,07 and my letter of rating was dated June 22,07 when I went to Togus VA in Augusta Maine to sign up for VA medical and asked about reimbersement for out of pocket expenses nobody knew anything about it. I wrote my congressman and my representative who did not return my emails and waited a week getting more and more pissed because the VET rep at togus was supposed to call me after he researched it .. yep you are right still waiting 2 weeks now. Then I wrote the Senator Akaka from Hawaii and got no reply. Well the doc at oncology at Togus called today wanting to know why I wanted to be treated at the VA as I was arleady getting excellant treatment at the place I've been going to. I was a bit shocked because 2 weeks ago I told them I was due for a round of Chemo starting this week he told me no treatment for 2 or 3 weeks I should continue where I am and he would try to squeeze me in. About an hour after the Doc called the phone rang again and he said he had received a phone call from the Senators office and what could he do for me ?? he is the "Director of Veterans Business Affairs" from Washington, DC. He was all appologies and said that the letters were going to be updated this month and my notification of this slipped thru the crack and after all "you know how press releases can be" He assured me the expenses would be covered and that there was no special form(imagine that for a govt agency) and I should gather my evidence and receipts and submit them to the VA at togus . He gave me his phone number and address sid to call him Tony and not to hesitate to call his personal number that goes right by the secratary. well I'm gonna do that and send him a copy of everything to boot. just wondered if anyone else out there has had any experience with this situation please let me know . THANKS FOR A GREAT SITE AND ALL THE INFO ED
  8. Berta I'm sorry pardon my lack of sophistication in this process but I don't know what smc or nsc mean grin but the lung cancer is the primary at 100% and then the Adrenal cancer is secondary caused by the lung cancer at 100% service connected and the same for the brain cancer hope that answers your question they gave me 2905.00 per month does that look right
  9. Hi just thought I'd tell you a good story I applied for AO related stage 4 lung cancer on 5/22/07 and as of 6?22?07 my rating in 100% for the primary lung cancer with 100% each for adrenal cancer and brain cancer wow 30 days no exam
  10. Hi I have an AO lung cancer claim in and my IRIS reply to when can I expect to hear something was your decision is being processed you should hear in two weeks or sooner.. my question is should I believe them or not???? thanks to all for this amazing site Ed
  11. Perhaps if I had had some symptoms that might have worked but I was working 10 hours a day driving another three and I felt like a million dollars all I had was a lump on my neck the treatments have nearly killed me lol
  12. the ssdi regs here require 5 month wait for ssdi B)
  13. Jangrin thanks aqgain for your assistance I goyt that info about IRIS and emailed them today my head is swimming from all the acronyms but I'm going slow and learing alot this is the most informativem, friendly, helpful, curtious, and just plain awesome site I've evere been lucky enough to stumble into... Thank you all .I've found a home!!!!
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