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  1. Appeal closed yesterday. eBenefits showing my right knee rated at 30%. It looks like I won my appeal. Time to wait for the BBE. Thank you all!!
  2. The claim closed yesterday. Just need to wait for the BBE. Will update everyone once it comes in.
  3. I had the new C&P Exam but it was more for an opinion it seemed than the full C&P exams that I had before. They only measured the flexion. Didn't measure the extension. Knee has x-ray documentation for Arthritis. ROM are outside the compensation range. It looks like the VA asked the provider only if they feel if parachuting would cause the damage to my knee. Not sure how she replied. I was also told the VA may then ask her additional questions. We shall see in about 6 weeks.
  4. They did the pinwheel dealio and a blunt instrument to check to see what feeling I had. We shall see what the results are in about 6 weeks.
  5. Getting sent to VES next week to get some Xrays of the knee. I think they are trying to confirm I have Arthritis.... LHI confirmed via Xrays. Then I have the C&P with VES at the end of the month. Looks like they are doing 2 C&Ps for me that day. Just another hurry up and wait. I got this. I will update everyone as things progress. Hoping to have it all finalized before year end.
  6. Got the BBE today and a letter from VES on Saturday. VA error on duty to assist. New (3rd) c&p exam scheduled end of October. The favorable findings in their decision almost points to a new Medical opinion... Will update everyone on about 2 months... Lol.
  7. Good morning! Thank you all for the response. My knee is rated at the following: 20%: meniscectomy with semilunar cartilage residuals, left knee 10%: left knee meniscal and ligament tear with osteoarthritis 0%: residuals, meniscectomy, left knee 0%: Scar 0%: Scars I filed the claim as secondary to service connected knee disability using the online forms. I am curious to what will be done in the C&P exam. Thank you for the tip about Diagnostic Code 7804. Fortunately my scars are not painful, otherwise I would now file for it with this new info. Thank yo
  8. Long story short. My left knee is 30% Service connected. During the ACL surgery they nerves across the knee were severed and I have no feeling in the outside of my leg from the knee to the top of the foot/ankle area and around the front near the top of my foot. That area also no longer has hair. The inner muscle on my calf is significantly smaller than the other. I have an up and coming C&P exam with VES. I would like to know what all they do in this exam. Anyone have an idea? I don't think it falls under paralysis of the nerve as I still have function. I don't know if it falls
  9. Higher Level Review Closed today. That is all va.gov shows. Nothing in e-benefits. They said the BBE went on yesterday (9/22/2020). So that means end of next week or early week after. I will update everyone after I receive the BBE.
  10. Day 137 and I had my informal conference. I didn't get a feel for her or which way she was leaning but I think I clearly stated my case. Was told wait another 30 days. Fingers and toes crossed...
  11. I had my Hearing and Tinnitus exam back in 2018. It is the normal hearing exam. For the tinnitus they ask about symptoms, when did it start, your MOS (Look for the FAST 10-35 Letter). My MOS (11B2P) was in there as High Probability of Hearing issues. I explained a lot of live fire exercises (was in at end of Gulf 1 and Gulf 2, never deployed), airplanes, helicopters, etc. Explained when the symptoms occurred (grenade simulator went off 10 feet from my head and I had no ear pro in) Granted the 10%. Don't lie. Explain the incidents of loud noises. Good luck and report back!
  12. Thank you for the quick response. I have 3 ratings of 0% for the scars on my knee. The side effect is common with ACL Surgeries (at least from the 1990s, lol). I think it will rate at 0% or 10% but I guess we will see.
  13. Good afternoon! I am currently rated at 30% on my left knee for the ACL Surgery and residuals (Arthritis, Limited ROM, Pain on Motion, Frequent Episodes of Locking/Effusion). When they did the surgery way back in 1993 the nerve was cut and I have no feeling from the scar to the outside of my left knee/upper calf area. Can I claim the nerve damage secondary to the SC left knee?
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