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  1. Thank you for the reminder. My supplement claim had the new evidence (being seen in service). I had a bad C&P originally. I submitted my reasons and a narrative pointing out things in my Service Records. I requested the informal conference so we can chat about it. So, about another 4 month wait and that is fine. I am only looking for 10% pain/arthritis plus the bilateral for my left knee (jumper knees). Everyone at the VA I spoke with have been nice and professional. Some even dropped hints on things. I will update everyone at the end of summer.
  2. just submitted my request for s higher level review. Requesting a 10% rating for pain/arthritis and the bilateral for my left knee. I will update everyone in about 4 months. lol.
  3. My knee is all kinds of jacked up. 5 knee surgeries so far. :S I feel I am now currently rated appropriately.
  4. Appeal closed on 4/10/2020. That is all VA.gov is showing; however, eBenefits is showing a higher rating. Woot woot!
  5. I just had my informal conference with the VA. The senior reviewer agrees that he thinks that my knee should be rated at 30% and not 20%. He said he'll make a decision either today or early next week. I will let everybody know what the final decision is. And I think that they're rating at 30% is accurate and a very acceptable
  6. I received the BBE today. They denied my right need ACL repair and osteoarthritis. I was appealling only the osteoarthritis. What is interesting is under the: Favorable Findings in this decision they seem to hint at claiming the osteoarthritis... I called the VA and the rep was hinting at appealing for only osteoarthritis or file new claim. See attached image of denial and favorable Findings. Thoughts?
  7. While following up on my other appear(day 126 supplemental) inquired about this appeal (HLR, Day 90) no updates. Will check back in like 30-45 days....
  8. Day 126; update. Medical Records have not been sent from MACH ER. My claim had a suspense date of 3/11/2020. I was told this is when it would go back to the rater to continue with their work. I will check back in 30 days and see where it is ...
  9. My state Representative was only able to get my STR that I already had. The good news is these are a better quality than the ones the VA sent me. I will be sending a FOIA request to the facility, even though they told me that they don't have those records. I am going to hit everyone with the FOIA. I have proof I was at the base ER (Patient's Copy) but I don't have the medical and treatment records. So now I will send out a bunch of FOIA requests.
  10. I spoke to the VA on Friday and the Martin Army Community Hospital did not send them any medical records. I reached out to my state representative. They said they can assist in trying to get the medical records. I filled out their form for privacy release. I also sent them a synopsis of who have contacted regarding the visit. Also set up a copy of my patients copy of the visit. Now I'm in the waiting game for this. The claim is still in the supplemental a claim right now. I will update everybody after I hear back from either the VA or my State Representative.
  11. I too received the same email (30% SC) and thought it was weird. I also received an email from them with the following (been out since 1995): We understand that you are in the process of separating from the military and have received a DOD disability rating. You may therefore be eligible to apply to the Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) VetSuccess Program
  12. As of today: Status: A senior reviewer is taking a new look at your case so I will watch some paint dry and wait out the next 90 day or so ....
  13. Appeal Status: We don't know your status.... So I called.... Looks like they are requesting my Medical Records from the Base ER.... Requested it from them on 12/11 with a return date by 1/10. Going to be interesting as the BA ER medical records dept already told me that they don't have those records.... Lol. Good times.
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