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  1. It is a supplemental claim. I have a IMO from a doctor I sent with the claim. The Va ordered a C&P.
  2. I have a C&P for Sleep Apnea secondary to Pes Planus and weight gain. What type of questions should i expect?
  3. Submitted Supplemental claim on Monday 1 February. It was approved today. That was fast.
  4. I am continuing to see my mental health counselor. My diagnosis was made by a VA phycologist.
  5. I think I already know the answer to this question. I have a supplemental claim in for PTSD. Is it important for me to continue to see my mental health counselor?
  6. Does it have to be a VA psychiatrist? Since they are moving C&P to contract companies.
  7. Reading this the insomnia claim will be disapproved. Do you think it is possible that the PTSD, Anxiety and AUD could be connected? The exam was for insomnia. They added PTSD.
  8. I currently am not s-c for any mental health disabilities
  9. I had a C&P with LHI on 19 Oct. I asked my VSO what the status is, does it look good. The VSO said she would send me the C&P results and i could maybe make a determination. The VSO said the claim would be settled in 4 weeks in December. Sound like she didn't want to give me bad news. What do you think?
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