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  1. I applied after I was awarded SSD. SSD stated I became disabled the date I left the military in 09. I did not retire but had many medical issues, I was not medically discharged as well. I should have been but you know how some things happen. So the VA must have read my award from the SSD and all my other medical paperwork and decided on my side. I did everything myself as far as paperwork and such and just did a lot of research. Thank you all for the kind words..
  2. I was just granted TDIU and I have been in the Voc Rehab program for some time. I will be finished with school in two weeks. I contacted my counselor and told him of the changes in my situation. I was just wondering about the independent living program because I recall him saying something about that at one point. I believe that is what will happen at this point, what happens with that and what is it? Thank you in advance for the info.
  3. I received a call two years to the day after filling for TDIU. I was told my claim was finished and the lady was very nice and stated I would be happy with the results. I received the envelope the next week and the award letter stated TDIU granted with no future exams. They also dated it back four years when I got out of the military. I recall looking information up online and finding this site, it helped me a lot with understanding the process and what to expect and not expect from it. Thank you all for the positive remarks along this path. I got commissary privileges and I am still looki
  4. Dot, Thanks for the response. Yes after the discharge I originally thought that I would be able to work. As the time progressed my disabilities became worse and I ended up applying for SSD. I was approved in four months. I then applied for TDIU in April 2011and am still waiting for a response. I just filled out the premiulary questioneer for ILP. I will be done with school this June with a BA in Business. My counselor has not said anything about me stopping school and I should address that issue as well. Thank you both for the responses and input..
  5. I was discharged in 2009 and started Voc Rehab that same year with the intention of seeking employment. As time progressed my disabilities became worse and so did the pain. I applied for SSD and was approved last year. That is when I applied for TDIU. I have tried physical therapy with no changes. I paid out of pocket for a chiropractor and acupuncture and that also did not help. So i let my Voc Rehab counselor know about my SSD and my limitations thus far. He recently sent me the questioneer for Independant living. So this is where everything stands at the moment. I cant stand or sit for mor
  6. I have a claim in for TDIU, going on 18 months now. I was approved for SSD as well and sent them that paperwork about a year ago. I am a voc rehab student and my counselor told me he is sending me the premiliarly paperwork for inderpendant living program. I dont know what that entails, would that assist with getting TDIU? I also dont know what ILP is and I am looking into that. Thank you Pete
  7. Thanks for the response, According to SSD I am unemployable and have been since my discharge from the military. 2009 So my last employeer was the military. What is a IRIS? Thanks again for the response. It is just weird how they sent me a letter stating the claim will be completed in a couple of weeks then boom, back to nothing. Now they say another year.. Good times for us all..
  8. I applied for TDIU once I was granted SSD. After about the elevan month mark I recieved a letter stating that I would recieve a decision within 2-3 weeks. After waiting two months I called the 1-800 number and was told that it was kicked back, whatever that meant. I continued to watch E-Benefits and I have saw it go through the phases. Again it was in the waiting decision approval phase for about three months. I checked the other day and it went to gathering of evidence with a possible completion time of December next year. I once again callled and they said that it was kicked back again and t
  9. Thank you for the response, as of today I have faxed the SSD paperwork requested by my voc rehab counselor. My SSD award was soley based off of service connected disabilities. My IU claim is sitting in Pendind decision approval status. Thank you again for the feedback..
  10. I appreciate the response, yes it is the VA voc -rehab. When I started I was already 80 percent service connected. As time progressed some things became worse and I was awarded SSD. I applyed for IU over 18 months ago and waiting to hear about the results. I just recieved an e-mail from my voc rehab counselor about a job log form that I must fill out and send back to him every 2-4 weeks. So I am sitting here and thinking that what type of employment can I really do when I cant sit or stand for more than an hour os so due to service connection issues. At this point do I tell him that my conditi
  11. I am recieving SSD and I am a voc rehab student, I was awarded SSD about 8 months ago and I have six classes left to graduate. I am afraid to tell my voc rehab counseler because I dont want them to say I owe the tuition since I am unable to work. My disabilities have gotton worse since my approval for voc rehab. have put a claim in for IU and at this time it is in the desicion phase.
  12. I am glad that I recieved so many responses. Thanks all..
  13. Hello everyone, I am currently rated 90 percent. 40 IVDS, 40 Bladder issues and 50 MDD. Along with some others. I was granted SSD last April, they granted it due to my back issues only and did not take in account the other service connected issues.I have no other medical issues other than my service connected ones. I applied for TDIU 18 months ago and it has moved to Decision status on E-benefits. My question here is, I am rated 40 percent for my back issues with the VA but I was granted SSD just on that alone. What weight will the SSD have when they decide TDIU? I am also in
  14. I would do it, not going to hurt your timeframe all that much since it only has been two weeks. Months yes but couple of weeks is nothing..
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